OTA Establishing New Private Carrier Council

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In an effort to represent all the carrier sectors in the trucking industry, the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is expanding its membership to include a whole new list of the top private carriers.
There are currently about 50 private fleets that are already members of the OTA, including major companies such as Canadian Tire, Domino’s Pizza, Labatt Breweries and HBC, and they are looking to add to that list by creating the distinctive OTA Private Carrier Council (PCC).
Let’s take a closer look at the OTA to learn a little more about what it is they do, as well as the benefits of the addition of the new Private Carrier Council.

An Intro to the OTA for Automotive Trainees

The Ontario Trucking Association was founded in 1926, and is currently comprised of a membership that includes: truck drivers, business owners and employees with auto mechanic training, small family-owned transport companies, and large corporations that are responsible for hauling the majority of Ontario’s goods.
Hailed as the “voice of responsible trucking in Ontario”, the OTA is one of the largest trucking associations in North America, which goes to show the size and impact of the Ontario marketplace. It is considered to be one of the most effective and dedicated trade associations in the province and is respected by the public, politicians and the media alike.
The OTA’s vision includes enhancing the image of the trucking industry and creating mutually beneficial relationships between customers, employees, owner-operators, suppliers, automotive schools, and the public. They advocate safety, environmental awareness and social responsibility.
The OTA also offers ongoing training, professional development and compliance programs. If, for example, you were looking to take up dispatcher training and eventually worked with a company that was an OTA member, you’d have access to a wide selection of literature, online webinars and training programs to help keep you up-to-date in this ever-changing industry.

Formation of the Private Carrier Council (PCC)

The OTA stated that the new council’s formation arose from a long-term strategic planning session held by the association’s executive committee earlier this year.
The council will get its own chair and vice-chair. Private fleets will also be receiving a number of seats on the OTA’s Board of Directors. “We have always had private carrier members but in recent years, interest in joining the association has grown significantly,” says OTA president David Bradley.
Bradley pointed out that private and for-hire carriers share common interests in most major policy and compliance issues, which include safety, environmental regulations, taxes and fees, vehicle weights and dimensions and driver shortages. He said the OTA also recognizes the unique nature of the private carrier role and so the addition of the PCC helps to create a forum where everyone can come together to discuss pressing issues and share best practices.
The new council will meet twice yearly, with its first meeting scheduled for June 26.
Do you think the formation of the PCC will help graduates from dispatcher training and automotive schools enhance their skills?

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