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Automotive Air Conditioning Service Specialist


As an increasing number of car buyers prefer cars with onboard air conditioning, specialists in the automotive industry repair, install and service these systems. Other work related responsibilities include recycling and charging air conditioning units.

Qualified automotive air conditioning service specialists also typically have certification in dealing with environmentally hazardous material, such as Freon.  Applicable certification usually is valid across Canada, allowing these specialists to work anywhere in the country.

Air conditioning is part of a car or truck’s ventilation system, providing physical comfort to passengers and drivers. Thanks to harsh Canadian winters, these are usually paired with an efficient heating system, which may even include in seat heaters.

As an HVAC Technician, this role may be combined with another job, for example being part of a position as an Automotive Service Technician.

Job titles and career paths include:

  • HVAC Technician
  • Climate Control Specialists