Automotive Diesel Service Technician Career

Automotive Diesel Service Technician and Automotive Careers

Becoming a Diesel Service Technician is one possible lucrative automotive careers specialization. While some choose a general automotive service technician career path, mastering the special needs of a diesel engine opens up additional career opportunities.

Present in many large trucks, heavy machinery, and about 50% of European manufactured cars, as well as some boats and trains, diesel engines rely on the combustion of injected liquid fuel rather than vaporized gasoline. Because of the versatility of materials that may be used to power diesel engines they are also capable of easily burning biofuels and can expect and ongoing role as an eco-conscious product in the future.

Experienced Diesel Service technicians know how to perform routine and emergency maintenance on diesel engines, as well as perform diagnostics and estimates, and assemble and disassemble them. Skill with diesel engines is also ideal for people who wish to work with heavy machinery or large trucks, but also with people interested in longer distance, endurance based motor racing.

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