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Refinishing Prep Technician Career in Surrey


When a garage needs someone who can remove parts, masks, clean and strip with solvents, putties, primes and otherwise prepares work for further refinishing, they call upon a skilled Refinishing Prep Technician. They work hands on with chemicals and industrial tools to assure the smooth, even finish that’s a standard on motor vehicles. This means consistent attention to environmental and work place safety, to assure that the work goes as smoothly as the cars and trucks they work on look. As a result, specialists in this career path have a good eye for detail and excellent physical dexterity.

Prep Technicians master materials handling, from plastic to chrome, as well as tools ranging from power sanders to airbrushes. They are a necessary part of an auto painting team, and can be sure that they’ve got an in demand spot on the crew at a garage. This job is also in demand at car manufacturing facilities and places that specialize in custom work, including auto restoration.