Automotive Parts Specialists have an intimate understanding of modern vehicle technology that makes them highly suited to work as Auto Parts Consultants. Careers in this field require mastery of older makes of car and truck, while keeping pace with new discovers in hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as the space aged materials found all throughout modern automobiles.

In a job otherwise known as parts management, these specialists generally work in a warehouse setting, and as such they also master essential inventory software. Their work is focused on stocking and ordering parts for numerous makes and models of cars and trucks. As part of the wide range of in demand automotive careers currently available, they often work as a team with automotive service technicians. Their role is to make sure that mechanics have the parts they need quickly, to help make replacements on a vehicle in need of service or repairs. They are essential to keeping a quick turnaround of service at garages, something that is only possible with the help of a well-staffed automotive parts warehouse or department.

Automotive Parts Specialists may choose work with a business that stocks parts from all sorts of different car companies, or they may prefer a job with a dealership, where they will focus on the many makes and models of vehicles produced by that brand.

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