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Automotive Detailing Specialist Career


Automotive Detailing Specialists focus on bringing a vehicle up to show quality. From restoring the gloss and shine to a vehicle’s paint, trim, tires and wheels, to making sure the interior is spic and span, attention to detailing is an essential part of car sales and keeping a car looking good. As a result, especially in the field of used car sales, these specialists are an essential part of any dealership.

Correctly used, detailing work has a significant effect on the sales value of a car, working much in the way houses may be staged to improve their sale price and appeal to the market. An Automotive Detailing specialist may also work in concert with a person skilled in automotive painting to help customers develop a unique look for their vehicle and install customized cosmetic features.

In addition to working directly with show rooms and car lots as an employee, they may also choose to work independently. As freelancers, this allows them to choose their client base and set their own hours.