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Automotive Operations Service Specialist Career


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An Automotive Operations Service Specialist is the person who helps dealerships run more smoothly. As the name suggests, they are potentially involved in all aspects of operations, from tracking down replacement parts to liaising with customers. Because they can cover a whole range of roles at a dealership, it is necessary for them to have a knack for the skills of several departments, from Sales & Leasing to knowing the ins and outs of a dealership garage.

Nonetheless, their flexible skillset makes them a key asset to employers and they can be the person who connects all the departments of vehicle dealership together and allows them to function at top efficiency. In this career path, Operations Specialists become everyone’s right hand. The combined duties will focus on three important roles, Automotive Estimator, Automotive Service Consultant and Automotive Parts Specialist. Put together, that’s the formula for a winning career, for a person who enjoys being busy and completely indispensable.