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Auto Body Technician Career Training


Taking care of the body of the car is the specialization of an Auto Body Technician. Most vehicles are constructed so that the body, or coachwork, is a separate piece to the chassis. They can be made from materials ranging from the traditional steel to space age carbon fibre, and are carefully designed to provide structural integrity and safety to the passengers without badly effecting gas mileage.

When something happens to the structural integrity of the auto body, whether it’s an accident or normal road related wear, it falls to a skilled technician to make the repair. This can mean replacing whole segments or making seamless patches. While some problems, like dents, may seem to be more cosmetic than serious, taking care of these problems protects the driver and passenger in the event of later impacts and can be the mandatory consequence of an annual auto inspection. As a result a skilled Auto Body Technician can be sure they’ll be in high demand at garages.