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Auto Body Collision Repair and Refinishing Training


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Auto Body Career Training

When a vehicle experiences an accident, for example a collision, one of the places that may become damaged is the auto body, and the person best suited to fix it is someone well trained in Collision Repair Trades.

The auto body of a car or truck is as important as the engine and other parts it carries. Carefully constructed from materials ranging from chrome and steel to fibre glass or high tech carbon fibre, the outer layer of the car, sometimes known as the coach work, serves many purposes. It keeps the passengers inside the car safe, and the auto body often constructed to maximize fuel efficiency and the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Customizing this part of a vehicle, with paint and other add ons is one of the ways that people make their vehicles aesthetically distinct.

After an accident, getting a vehicle road worthy means a thorough inspection from someone with the right qualifications and certifications, the sort of education that can be found at a mechanic school. Skilled technicians also know how to patch, replace or otherwise repair damage to an auto body, including automotive painting and refinishing.

Possible Careers In the Field Collision Repair Trades Include: