Automotive Dispatcher Career Training

Automotive dispatcher careers are an essential part of the transportation industry. These jobs are focused on co-ordinating vehicles or cargoes across vast networks. Specialty skills include switchboard operation, inventory management, emergency services, and materials handling safety.

Depending on the position, the role as a Dispatcher may be part of a broader Transport Operations Specialist position. For all positions, a high level of attention to detail and a commitment to clarity  are ideal characteristics for success. Dispatchers usually learn specialized radio language and codes. As technology has evolved, they may also work patching separate communications networks together or master satellite based systems. They may also be the bridge between customers and workers, and completely responsible for scheduling and work flow. This can include picking up and handing paperwork related to work orders and delivery projects, including shift end reports.

Possible other sectors that may provide employment also include auto repair and towing, taxi and limousine dispatching, emergency response services and security monitoring.

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