Why Automotive College Students Are Excited About the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

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The upcoming 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) will begin on January 19th in Detroit, a city which has a long history with the automotive industry. More commonly known as the Detroit Auto Show, this annual event gives auto companies and manufacturers an opportunity to dazzle buyers with their newest and coolest vehicles and technologies.
With more than 30 new models expected to be revealed, as well as a score of technological showcases, in-house interactive activities on the showroom floor, and black-tie fundraisers, this year’s NAIAS show promises to make news and dazzle the automotive world. From flashy new additions to revamping the classics, read on to learn more about what the 2019 Detroit Auto Show has in store for the automotive industry.

2019 Is a Year of Transition for the NAIAS and the Automotive World

Students at automotive college should expect to see more electric vehicles, which appear to be the theme for next-generation models, as Nissan and Infiniti are preparing to debut their EV crossovers. Cadillac is also set to debut its XT6 SUV.
The incoming new year also holds changes for the NAIAS. Since its inception in 1907, the car show has traditionally been held in January, but organizers have decided to move the 2020 show to June to attract more attendees with warm and sunny weather.

Toyota and Ford Are Projected to Be the Auto Show Superstars

With over 30 new models coming to the NAIAS floor, a few are catching more attention than others. Ford is expected to introduce its sixth-generation 2020 Explorer. The Explorer was an early transition between passenger car and SUV, and the new model features a rear-wheel drive, and an engine output of about 400 horsepower. Ford has also hinted at a supercharged Shelby GT500, with an estimated output between 600 and 800 horsepower.
The 2019 NAIAS also features some notable performance-centric cars, including the long-awaited return of the Toyota Supra—famous for its speed, performance, and commercial success—which will carry the chassis layout and engine configuration over from its legendary fourth-generation A80 to the new A90 model. The A90 will be the first Supra available to US consumers in more than 20 years.

Students in Automotive College Should Pay Attention to FACE

Although the NAIAS is most commonly known for its automotive showcases, it also hosts the Future Automotive Career Expo (FACE). Sponsored by the Talent and Economic Development Department of Michigan, FACE encourages visitors to learn about the latest trends in careers in the automotive industry, and seeks to get potential talent more interested and involved in the automotive world.
FACE features a panel of young professionals in the automotive sector, who share their opinions on why they chose an automotive career, and where they see the industry going in the future. Even if you can’t attend in person, FACE presents the perfect opportunity for those interested in how to become an auto mechanic to learn more about the innovations and trends that affect the automotive field.
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