Why Auto Mechanic School Students Should Keep an Eye on the 2022 Ford Maverick

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In 1970 Ford created a compact car called The Ford Maverick in North America. Ford stopped this car production in 1977, and then in 2021, created the first-ever Maverick compact truck. This time around, the Maverick offers an impressive package, as a hybrid four-wheel drive. The Maverick looks a lot like the Ford Bronco when it comes to its driving capabilities. With Hyundai coming out with their Santa Cruz and Subaru with its Baja, it is fair to say that compact trucks are making their entrance with a bang in 2022. Want to learn more about the Ford Maverick? Keep reading below. 

Why Students in Auto Mechanic Training in Ontario Should Be Interested in Hybrid Engines

The Ford Maverick is the first-ever pickup with a standard gas-electric hybrid engine. This truck is said to have 500 miles of range on a full tank of gas which is very impressive for a hybrid car and a pickup truck. It is estimated to achieve 40 miles per gallon in city driving. This was their primary focus, as fuel economy is a significant factor for customers choosing smaller pickup trucks. 

With gas prices rising, people are looking for smaller cars, smaller payments and a hybrid, which tends to be cheaper than full electric. Customers get the best of both worlds with the new Maverick truck. With its smaller size and hybrid component, not only will customers be saving on its price tag but also on gas. As hybrid vehicles become increasingly popular, students in auto mechanic training in Ontario should adapt their knowledge to fit these trends. 

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Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular as gas prices rise

An Interior Designed for Their Customers 

Not only does the Maverick offer great value and a hybrid engine, but it also offers high-quality comfort for drivers and passengers. Ford designed the truck to provide ample leg room for everyone in the car by minimizing the centre hump and the bump on the floor in the middle back seat. 

As those in auto mechanic school know, it’s essential to understand what customers want and need, which is exactly what Ford did with the Maverick. They listened to complaints about the lack of room in compact cars and decided to remove unnecessary features to improve that. Not only will passengers have more room for their legs, but there are also multiple storage compartments to be found in the cabin, including some large areas under the seat. Additionally, drivers can enjoy a well-equipped touchscreen of 4.2 inches, two 12v powerpoints and cloth bucket seats.

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Ford has designed their new Maverick to satisfy demands for more space

The FLEXBED is Everything the Name Suggests

The Maverick pickup bed is 4.5 feet and can fit gardening supplies, band equipment or even an ATV. This bed is also equipped with ten available bed tie-downs. Customers can rest assured that they will have enough places to strap their staples and drive safely to places. 

Looking for more space? Customers can lower the tailgate and extend the bed to 6 feet. The FLEXBED also has a 110V outlet. Plug in an electric bike, power your cooler or charge your phone during your next adventure. There are also two 12V pre-wired connections in the bed so you can set up LED lights, a mini-fridge or a small TV.

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