What you Need to Know about Automotive Repair Software if you're Becoming a Mechanic

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There are many things to learn in mechanics school, and one crucial thing that students tend to overlook is how automotive mechanics use different software. There are two main types of software: one for diagnosing car repairs and one for the front office to give estimates to clients. At CATI, you will get the chance to learn about both and to see if you prefer a career in the repair field or front office. Read on to learn more about these two different types of automotive repair software that you’ll encounter during your career! 

Software Is Used to Diagnose and Repair Client Vehicles

Many mechanics over the years have been using manuals and guides to keep track of repair information. Diagnostic manuals contain specifications on repair procedures, while flat rate guides estimate how long each specific job should take. As technology improved and became more significant in different industries, all these manuals and guides were translated into software. Many car repair facilities now rely on computerized information systems for diagnostic and repair manuals. Some forms consist of CDs and DVDs, but you can also find software programs. 
In mechanics school, students may be interested in learning about the different software that technicians use throughout their career and how they work, like how to input the year, make and model of a vehicle and any information specific to the procedure. With technology constantly developing, one interesting option for technicians is to pay a monthly fee to have access to software that compiles all old and new repair procedures. This way, you can stay up to date with the latest trends. 

Automotive Repair Software
Modern software can diagnose the amount of time a specific repair should take

Working for a Shop? How the Front Office Uses Different Software

When becoming a mechanic, it is good to know that another type of software is used in the front office. One of the most essential functions of this software is flat rate estimating, which allows tech or service writers to input the year, make and model of a car to see how long any repair should take and how much it should cost. They can use the price of each part or service to create an estimate for clients. Sometimes this software also offers a scheduling function to generate work orders and keep track of sales. An example of this is when a customer comes in for a repair, technicians can give them an estimate based on the price of each part and how long a service should take, which they can then use to see how much to pay each mechanic working. 

Automotive Repair Software
The front office can give estimates to clients thanks to automotive repair software

Using the Different Types of Software After Mechanics School

At CATI, you will learn about the ins and outs of service operations and the different mechanic careers open to you. You can choose any program from auto repair training, dispatching, service operations, detailing and sales. Whatever field you choose, you will have the education necessary to launch a successful career. 
These two types of software can be helpful for any direction you decide to take. For example, in Auto Body, Detailing and Dispatching, you may use diagnosis software to look for information on a repair for a specific car model. At the same time, service operations and sales teams may want to use front-of-office software to look up information for client purposes and provide them with an estimate. 
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