What Grads of Dispatch Training Courses Should Know About Truck Driver Insurance

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It’s important for truck drivers to have insurance, including health and even travel insurance, so that they may have peace of mind as they spend their days travelling delivery routes and operating large vehicles. In addition, trucking companies also need insurance in order to recover from theft, damage, accidents, and more. If slippery winter weather conditions lead to an accident, for example, or a burglar makes off with a precious shipment of expensive electronics, the right insurance can make all the difference.
As a result, insurance within the trucking and transport industry is important for many different key players and professionals. As a niche market within the broader insurance industry, truck insurance, sometimes also called commercial truck insurance, is highly specialized, nuanced, and complex.
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Grads of Dispatcher Training Know Truck Insurance Coverage Can Be Varied

Truck insurance can cover a whole lot of different things, but not necessarily everything. The main components which are covered by truck insurance are the trucks themselves, the cargo inside, and also general liability coverage in the case of an accident. Trucking companies can even opt for umbrella policies that cover anything over prescribed liability limits. Like umbrella policies, health and life insurance for drivers are not always among the main components included, but are also an option that can sometimes be added on. In addition, not all trucking insurance companies offer the same options. As a result, grads of a truck dispatch course may see a lot of variety throughout their careers.

Fleet coverage is one of the main components of truck insurance
Fleet coverage is one of the main components of truck insurance

Getting Truck Insurance Is a Complex and Highly Detailed Process

Why don’t truck companies just automatically choose insurance companies that will enable them to get everything covered outright? This is partially because the world of truck insurance can be a bit tough to navigate when searching for the perfect policy. Every insurer uses their own rating system and has unique eligibility requirements, and some may choose not to cover fleets that transport dangerous cargo like chemicals and so on. Finding the perfect policy that covers everything a trucking company may want or need therefore isn’t a walk in the park. And that’s just finding the best policy options prior to embarking on the insurance process.
Just to give you an idea of how complicated the process of determining a policy can be, it is sufficient to say that everything is analyzed. And everything quite literally means everything. The insurance company may even send a loss prevention expert to personally assess the trucking company’s performance and safety practices through careful examination of their drivers’ logs, maintenance records, carrier options and policies, and even things like yard security, which is important to reduce the possibility of cargo theft. As graduates of dispatcher training may know, that’s a lot to go through!
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