What Grads of Auto Mechanic College Can Learn From China’s Thriving EV Market

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If you’re interested in the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), there’s a lot of pretty interesting news to get excited about. In fact, while the likes of Tesla are grabbing many of the headlines, there are many other developments taking place that could have a profound impact on the cars of tomorrow.
As of 2017, China has produced more than 680,000 all-electric cars, trucks, and even busses. Even more surprising, though, is that that number is expected to grow to 1 million in the coming year. From the development of new technology to increased collaboration with America and Europe, China’s EV market is thriving in a way that’s inspiring car enthusiasts, environmentalists, and mechanics alike. Read on to learn more.

The Companies You Might Hear More of in the Coming Years

If you’re considering car mechanic training, there’s a good chance that you’re more than a little familiar with Tesla’s Model S, the Toyota Prius, the Chevy Bolt, and the Nissan Leaf. These are some the big names in the EV sector, right? Well, sort of.
What many might not know is that some of the biggest EV manufacturers are Chinese companies. Geely Automobile, BAIC Motor, NIO, and BYD—among several others—are producing a staggering amount of EVs. And some of these companies may be looking to expand their operations to other countries in the coming years.
Take NIO, for example. NIO is a luxury EV maker looking to compete with Tesla. Already the company has created some pretty impressive models, including the ES8—an all-electric SUV that comes equipped with an in-car AI system (a world first) and some neat self-driving capabilities. Plans are reportedly for the company to have an EV ready for sale in the US by 2020, which might mean that throughout your mechanic career, you may eventually see models from NIO and others as EVs gain popularity.

Chinese Automakers Are Striving to Develop Better Electric Motors to Power Future EVs

Behind these flourishing car companies sits some pretty impressive technological innovation. Chinese automotive companies have been manufacturing electric motors for quite some time, and many are hard at work trying to develop ones that are even more efficient. While many of their EV motors still fall behind other manufacturers, their research seeks to solve this problem in part by using internal parts that are much smaller and lighter.
Many Chinese automakers are also partnering with foreign automakers and motor makers. Partnerships with companies like Tesla or Bosch could allow both manufacturers to share their resources and create more efficient designs. In fact, plenty of American and European automakers like Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG are already partnering up with Chinese companies, so grads of mechanic training shouldn’t be surprised if they start seeing new and more efficient electric motors making their way oversees.

China Could Soon Become a Top Distributer of EV Batteries

When it comes to supplying the most batteries for EVs, some sources claim Panasonic reigns supreme. However, several other companies look to be catching up. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limted (CATL), one of China’s fastest-growing battering production companies, is already planning to build an estimated $1.69 billion factory that would allow it to beat out Tesla by 2020. This factory might even give CATL the production power it needs to become the number 1 supplier of batteries around the world. While time will tell how these developments will play out, one thing is clear: there’s plenty of innovation going on in the auto industry.
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