What Do Transportation Safety Consultants Do? Find Out After Transport Training School!

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Transportation safety consultants help trucking companies stay in compliance with laws

In Canada there is a set of 15 safety standards that make up the National Safety Code (NSC). The standards listed in the NSC guide many commercial vehicle operators’ safety compliance efforts. The NSC was developed by the Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators, which has been ensuring the safety for commercial truckers in Canada for 75 years. The NSC is not law. However, the federal and provincial governments use these standards as a guide when developing safety laws. Transportation safety consultants are hired by trucking companies to help ensure they are in compliance with the NSC and any legislation involving trucking procedures.
After completing trucking dispatching and logistics training, you could go on to an exciting career as a transportation safety consultant. Read on to discover what these consultants do to help trucking companies stay safe.

After Transport Training School, Safety Consultants May Educate Trucking Companies

It can be difficult for trucking companies to keep up to date with the newest legislation and NSC guidelines for road safety. To ensure they are aware of all critical safety factors, trucking companies will hire external transportation safety consultants to educate them. These consultants work with the business and help evaluate which legislation applies to the company. Different companies can have different laws they need to comply with, depending on their fleets, truck sizes, and the type of cargo they transport.

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Safety consultants help educate companies on safety laws

If you become a transportation safety consultant after transport training school, you can look forward to helping create safer roads for everyone in Canada by educating trucking companies on which safety laws apply to them.

Transportation Safety Consultants Can Develop and Implement Programs

For trucking companies that are just starting out, it can be overwhelming to implement safety and maintenance programs. That’s where you can come in as a transportation safety consultant. Using your knowledge of the transportation industry, you can help trucking companies build programs that will keep them in compliance with all relevant laws and NSC standards. While working with a new company, you could even help create written guidelines that they can use to enforce safety procedures in the future after your contract is up.

After Transport Training School, Safety Consultants May Monitor Drivers’ Safety Compliance

As you may learn in transportation operations training, any trucking company in Canada can be audited at any point to make sure that they themselves and their drivers are in compliance with laws. Sometimes a company can be doing everything right, but drivers will take risky actions on the road that break the law. Safety consultants can audit drivers to make sure they are following the rules while on the road. This could include monitoring their log book entries or their driving habits.

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Safety consultants can monitor driver’s safety habits

Aside from educating, developing programs, and conducting audits, safety consultants can provide even more services. Some additional duties you may find yourself completing are representing a company at compliance review committee meetings, aiding in taking corrective action after an NSC safety audit, or even helping to establish a culture of safety within a company. Students who pursue this path can look forward to a rewarding career with a wide variety of duties.
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