Upselling Auto Repair Services: What Automotive Service Advisors Need to Know

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Some auto professionals live by the idea that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and aren’t afraid to encourage customers to purchase additional services. Others, though, might feel nervous about upselling services and shy away from offering customers additional repairs.
It’s possible, however, for an automotive service professional to approach upselling in a way that is genuinely useful, and that adds value to the interaction for the clients that they meet.
Curious about how this can be done? Here’s what automotive service pros need to know about upselling.

It’s Important for Automotive Service Advisors to Explain & Validate Cost

Drivers go to an auto service advisor to learn what kind of work needs to be done on their car, and are often facing heavy bills to get their vehicles back in tip-top shape. For them to spend additional money beyond what is absolutely necessary, they will likely want a good, clear, and justifiable explanation of why the investment is worthwhile.
This means it’s important to do two things. First, an automotive service advisor should be upfront about the necessity of particular repairs. You don’t want to stress the importance of something minor, as the customer might check with another professional who tells them something different. Second, it’s important to be clear about why the repair should be made, and what consequences could arise as a result of it not being done. Even if warnings of reduced fuel economy, strange noises, or other potential downsides don’t sway a future client your way, they’ll at least appreciate that you took the time to give them an option to avoid those problems. And, when a prediction comes to pass, they may be more amenable to upselling in the future.

Make it as Easy as Possible for Clients to Pay for Additional Services

When somebody is dropping a few hundred dollars on important repairs, they may struggle to find the extra money to make additional repairs that would be handy, but aren’t as urgent. That’s why, if you want the additional business from upselling, it’s a great idea to clear the way for clients to give you their money more easily.
Payment installment plans, membership deals, and other methods of giving customers a bit of a break on the cost of additional repairs can help reduce the financial strain they might face, and make them more likely to opt for additional services from you. Though it might cost a bit of time and effort to implement these kinds of initiatives, it’s worth considering pursuing these kinds of options to make upselling easier.

Good Automotive Service Advisors Always Put the Customer First

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson who obviously cares much more about a business’ bottom line than about the experience of their customers, and it’s important for professionals with service advisor training to remember that. When attempting to upsell a future client on the merits of additional services, pay close attention to the body language and tone of voice of the person you are speaking with. If they seem uncomfortable, unsure, or stressed, it’s best to drop the upsell. For customers who just seem a little unsure, you might suggest that they take a little time, and perhaps do a little research of their own, before deciding whether they want additional servicing. After all, they will always be welcome back!
Don’t forget that happy clients who trust you are more likely to come back again and again. One forceful upsell will never compete with the value you get from building a good relationship with your client base.

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A good relationship with customers is an important part of generating revenue

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