Trucks of the Future

Trucks of the Future

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We’ve all seen blockbuster films that feature exciting futuristic cars. These are vehicles that auto lovers only dream of driving someday, like the supercars in Transformers, or I, Robot for example. And while it’s not surprising that Optimus Prime probably won’t be gracing our city streets anytime soon, a handful of truck manufacturers have already taken some steps to make their semis look and feel much more futuristic and modern. The best part about some of these trucks is that they’ve got more than just great looks. In fact, many of them boast advanced aerodynamics, practicality, eco-consciousness and a lot of power too. Here’s everything you should know about our favourite futuristic semis:

Walmart “WAVE” Concept Truck

The giant multinational retail corporation has recently collaborated with a range of its sponsors including Peterbilt, Roush, Great Dane and Capstone, to build the WAVE (Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience) concept semi truck. At first glance, this truck looks like something right out of a movie with its sleek and modern exterior. However, if an automotive school graduate were to take a closer look inside Walmart’s concept truck, they’d find that its advanced aerodynamics provide 10 per cent better fuel efficiency. A microturbine-powered engine (which can run solely on natural gas) makes this giant freight truck environmentally friendly too.
Walmart’s “WAVE” also features a cutting edge driver’s door that slides open, as well as fold out steps for effortless entry. Power-saving LED lights surround the interior and exterior of the vehicle and its engine is located under the cabin instead of at the front of the car. Individuals pursuing dispatcher training know that the location of the engine helps with both the semi’s turning radius and its visibility.
Get a sneak peak of the WAVE concept here:

Kenworth T680

The all-new T680 is Kenworth’s most efficient truck yet, as it boasts a 10% increase in fuel efficiency than its 2013 model. The truck is equipped with a factory-installed aerodynamic package, which works to keep drag to a minimum. The vehicle also features a “Predictive Cruise Control” option that uses the GPS to maintain efficient control over the vehicle.
One of the most interesting features is this truck’s innovative air conditioning system. The power that the truck generates while it is being driven is stored, and the AC system later uses this stored power to produce cool air for the driver while he or she relaxes in the cabin.

Volvo’s Trucks

Any student taking auto mechanic courses knows Volvo’s reputation for being one of the safest automakers on the market. This reputation also stands where Volvo’s trucks are concerned, as they are known for having the safest cabins in the trucking industry.
Volvo has been experimenting with alternative fuel options for quite some time, and it is currently in the process of testing its dimethyl ether (DME) powered vehicles. DME is a colourless, odorless, and tasteless compound that can be made from a wide range of sustainable domestic sources, including North America’s supply of natural gas. DME provides exceptional performance along with energy efficiency and does not produce any harmful emissions or residue. While the use of DME an alternative source of energy is still in the works, Volvo has stated that they are continuing tests and hope to use it in their future trucks.
What is your favourite futuristic truck?

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