Track22: 3 Things Car Mechanic Students Should Know About McLaren's Future Plan

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The McLaren 650S is known for the roar of its supercharged V8 engine and beautiful design. This beautiful piece of automotive machinery is flying off the shelves, as are many supercars in Canada. McLaren seems to be looking to capitalize on the increase in sales of super premium high-end vehicles in Canada, and North America as a whole, by investing large amounts of capital in its brand and producing a new fleet of cars featuring the latest hybrid electric technology.
Read on to discover McLaren’s exciting plan for the future of the company.

Before Looking At McLaren’s Future, Car Mechanics Should Check Out Its Past

As far as auto companies go, McLaren is a baby. Founded in 1963 by Bruce McLaren, the company was dedicated to producing some of the best race cars. The first of those cars was the McLaren M1A, which went on to win many races and was followed by the M1B. Many years later, the first road car by McLaren, the 1992 McLaren F1, was released to the public. This car was an absolute monster and made a mark on the automotive world. The car cost over half a million British pounds in 1993, and was the fastest production car in the world.
If you’re a student in car repair training, you may know that often cars are prone to overheating, which is why McLaren lined the 1992 F1’s engine bay with gold. Yes, you read that right. It was also the first carbon fibre body car in the world. McLaren spares no expense with their cars, and it seems they are sparing no expense in mapping out their futures as well.

Spending Money To Make Money; Car Mechanics Know You Have To Start With Investment

Whether its investing your time in learning the car mechanic trade or investing some funds in tools, car mechanics know that following your dreams begins with investment. McLaren knows this too, which is why their plan starts with a $1.45 billion CAD investment in the future of the company. Considering the company’s operating income was just £22.5 million (approximately $36.4 million CAD) in 2013, this investment is massive, and shows customers that McLaren is serious about its dedication to growth and to the continuation of producing some of the best supercars in the world.
If the recent growth of McLaren over the past few years is any indication, the future of McLaren is bright. The supercars will continue to roll out as McLaren has plans to produce 15 new cars and models from now until 2022.

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The McLaren 650S has had record sales number in recent years

Car Mechanics Should Check Out McLaren’s Plans For 15 New Cars

McLaren’s huge investment will allow the company to churn out about 15 new cars and models of pre-existing cars by 2022. McLaren also announced that about half these cars will feature hybrid-electric technology—cutting emissions without compromising power. The McLaren P1 is already using this technology, effectively adding together a twin-turbo V8 engine and an electric engine to produce a total horsepower output of 904.

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Expect McLaren’s future hybrid cars to resemble the system in the P1

McLaren’s ‘Track22’ plan for the future will definitely yield some beautiful results that are both fast and environmentally friendly.
If you love the beauty of automobiles like McLaren, why not start your own plan for the future with car mechanic training?
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