Toyota Introduces New Ultimate Utility Vehicle and More

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Toyota built an Ultimate Utility Vehicle (UUV) to put on display at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) conference. The UUV looks like a combination of a Sienna minivan, a Tacoma pickup truck, and what can only be described as a polished version of a vehicle featured in Mad Max. Auto-lovers might be excited to learn that this new vehicle will travel on Toyota’s 110-day, 26,550km transcontinental Ever-Better Expedition. The Toyota UUV departed Plano, Texas towards the end of June, and is expected to travel through various iconic areas in America including; Alaska, Route 66, New York City and more.
Along with the unveiling of its UUV and the news about its journey through America, the Japanese auto retailer also announced the news of its brand-new North American headquarters, which will be located in Plano, Texas.
Whether you’re planning to enroll in auto mechanic courses, or you have recently started your program, read on to learn more about Toyota’s new vehicle, its 110-day expedition and the company’s new Texas headquarters.

Toyota’s “Ever-Better” Automotive Expedition

Individuals with auto mechanic training recognize the Ever-Better expedition as the North American leg of the Five Continents Driving Project. Experts know that this is a global initiative which aims to unite and support Toyota’s 330,000 team members in their quest to deliver “ever-better” vehicles and connect with customers. The expedition enables Toyota engineers, designers, and many more of the company’s members to get together and drive across North America in a fleet of Toyota vehicles. During the tour, drivers are expected to tackle some of the continent’s toughest terrain, from the blazing heat of California’s Death Valley, to the icy conditions of an Alaskan winter and the steep climb of Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

Auto Pros Recognize the UUV as Toyota’s Ultimate Vehicle Mash-Up

What do you get when you take a Sienna minivan, paint it matte black and place it on top of the frame of a Tacoma pickup? The all-new Toyota UUV! While the company has yet to release much detail regarding what is under the hood of its new vehicle, we do know that the custom built UUV isn’t expected to go into production anytime soon. However, more details should be made available once Toyota puts its UUV on display at SEMA in Las Vegas, this November in Las Vegas.
While we very well may never actually see this particular model in any Canadian dealerships, the UUV has probably given students in automotive school some ideas on how to build a beefed-up minivan!

Toyota Will be Hiring Trained Automotive School Grads at its New HQ in Texas

Although the Plano City Council will still need to approve some of Toyota’s design plans, the carmaker provided the press with a detailed look at the architectural layout of what their new North American headquarters will look like.
The $350 million project will incorporate seven buildings, each standing five stories tall and made mostly of glass and Texas limestone. The 100-acre campus will have a test track, 2.1 million square feet of office space, several fitness centers and a massive parking facility.
Once the plans are approved and construction is finished, the Plano headquarters will have approximately 4,000 workers. If you’re considering enrolling at an automotive training center, you might want to look into seeking employment at Toyota’s newest headquarters once you graduate.
Here’s a recap of the first week of Toyota’s expedition, as well as clips from their press conference, and a look at the UUV:

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