Top Dispatching Technology

Top Dispatching Technology

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Dispatchers are responsible for overseeing tons of daily duties and tasks. Of course, sometimes these responsibilities pile up, and it could become slightly challenging to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Luckily, technology has made it possible for dispatchers to track everything through the use of a single program or tool. Canadian students who plan to pursue dispatch training in Ontario might be interested in learning about these top dispatching programs and their functions:

Axon Trucking Software

Axon is one of the most efficient programs available today. It is the only trucking software out there that is capable of completely integrating all of a dispatcher’s management systems in an instant. This essentially means that all of the programs that a dispatching company uses are linked together, so any and all information only needs to be entered once and then it will automatically sync with all other systems. Graduates of dispatcher training schools might be pleased to learn that the Axon Trucking Software also provides simple and quick access to order statuses, truck locations and driver locations on a user-friendly, colour-coded timeline or, even on a comprehensive map. This software also offers up the option of scheduling daily end of day reports so dispatchers can remain informed at all times.

Tailwind TMS Software

This software is one of the most versatile, as it is designed for much more than just dispatching purposes— it can also be used by freight brokerage, logistics, and freight forwarding companies. Tailwind’s Trucking Carrier Dispatch Software caters to dispatch and trucking companies of all sizes, and any professional with dispatching training who already has experience with this software, can confirm that it is very simple to use.
Tailwind offers a wide variety of cloud-based options that are designed for small and mid-sized businesses. And, large enterprises have the option of customizing their very own version of the logistics software to create a system that fits their operational needs. Tailwind also offers a range of product choices for freight brokerages of all sizes. The choices for freight companies vary from basic and affordable software, which suit smaller companies best, and more complex customizable choices to suit larger companies.

Roadnet Transportation Suite

This company has actually been around for ages, as it was founded way back in 1983. Today, Roadnet is still a worldwide provider of fleet management tools and software. Roadnet Transportation Suite provides companies with efficient routing and tracking solutions, and their products also help with reducing routing time and fuel costs. Dispatching companies know that they can take comfort in the fact that this software has the ability to increase safety, as well as improve customer service. With Roadnet Transportation Suite, dispatchers can gain access to territory and street-level route plans, tracking through real-time GPS, and even fuel management tools.
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