Thinking About Becoming a Mechanic? Check Out the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

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As electric vehicles are attracting more interest from consumers and environmental enthusiasts, many car manufacturers are adapting their production process in the hopes of designing innovative new car models with outstanding features. The goal is to produce the optimal EVs of the future. 
One of those car manufacturers is the mighty Ford, which is leading the way in bringing a major change within the American car industry. Its plans to bring electric, zero-emission vehicles have now extended to their F-150 Series pickup truck. Ford is introducing the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning to the market – all electric with the power to match its predecessors. So, let’s dig deeper into the features of the F-150 Lightning. 

The F-150 is Packed with Power and Transmission

The F-150 Lightning is packed with power and transmission, even when compared to previous models in the regular F-150 series. The F-150 Lightning comes with two lithium-ion battery packs. The Standard-Range pack targets 370.15 km of EPA-estimated range, which, when combined with the motors, can produce up to 426 horsepower. Then you have the Extended-Range battery, which offers an EPA-estimated range of 482.80 km, and the capability of producing up to 563 horsepower. 

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Those in auto repair training, might be interested to hear about the new battery packs that the F-150 Lightning carries. What’s great about the F-150 Lightning is that both battery packs can provide 775 lb-ft of torque for swift performance. That is considered the highest torque for any of the F-150 series that Ford has ever produced.

Impressive Battery Life, Range, and Charging Performance

The battery life on the F-150 is very impressive. Ford claims that its F-150 Lightning is capable of performing as a backup generator in case of power outages, due to its Intelligent Backup Power. The battery can last up to 3 days when fully charged, and 10 days when the power is conserved based on a household’s usage. Drivers will have their own power backup generator on the go! Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Charging the batteries is also convenient for F-150 Lightning drivers, as Ford provides charging outlets for homes. In addition, drivers can fast charge the batteries at public DC stations, reaching an 80% charge in 44 minutes. 

An Amazing Towing and Payload Capacity

In becoming a mechanic, you would want to know about a vehicle’s towing and payload capacity, especially with high-performance trucks. As an electric vehicle, Ford Lightning has offered some impressive figures. The F-150 Lightning has an amazing towing capacity of 10,000 pounds for the Extended-Range battery pack, while the Standard-Range battery pack has a towing capacity of 7700 pounds. 

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Additionally, the payload capacity on a Standard Range battery pack is as high as 2000 pounds, and 1800 pounds on the Extended-Range battery pack. As the F-150 paves the way for new and improved EV models, aspiring auto mechanics will be in for a treat. 
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