Thinking About an Automotive Mechanic Career? Check Out Our Top Customer Service Tips

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The success of your mechanic career is not just determined by your ability to fix cars – it is also determined by the customer service you provide. 
Having a car break down or discovering a problem is generally not a fun experience for your clients. But if you listen carefully to their needs, and clearly communicate the issue at hand, you can make the process of repairing the issue a much more enjoyable one. 
How do you prepare for this crucial element of your future career? Automotive school will help you develop the soft skills necessary to provide excellent customer service. Read on for some expert customer service tips and tricks!

Communicate Any Issues to Your Clients After Mechanic School

Your clients probably haven’t gone to mechanic school. As a result, they may not know why their air filter needs to be changed or what the dangers of driving with damaged sidewalls are. You are trained to not only detect these issues, but to understand why they happen and why they need to be fixed. 
Taking a few minutes to explain to a client what’s going on inside their vehicle – in layman’s terms, of course – can make the world of difference. If the client understands what’s wrong with their car, they are more likely to trust your recommendations and be thankful you made them. This simple tip also allows you to showcase your expertise, which gives clients confidence that their vehicle is in good hands.

Clear communication helps improve transparency in your workplace
Clear communication helps improve transparency in your workplace

Let Clients Know What is in Store for Their Vehicle

Identifying and explaining any issues with a customer’s car is the first step to providing excellent customer service. But if you want to take your service up a notch, you should also predict what issues the client may experience in the future.
If a tire will need to be replaced within the next 3,000 miles, or the vehicle will need a new timing belt when it reaches 100,000 miles, let the customer know. This way, they can plan their next visit in advance, instead of waiting for a car part to break or a dangerous situation to occur. This customer service tip also helps your clients budget for future repairs. 

Automotive College Grads Should Return a Vehicle the Same Way They Got It

Those in automotive college know that things can get messy when repairing a vehicle. However, just as you learnt as a child, you must clean up any mess you make. 
With a clean rag, make sure to wipe any grease, debris, or dirt that you left behind while fixing a vehicle. Depending on the repair, check inside the vehicle, including the steering wheel and interior components, to make sure everything is squeaky clean. 
However, in the case of part replacements, do not discard the old part during this step – no matter how old and dusty it may be. Giving the damaged part back to the customer – or at least showing it to them – improves transparency and helps them understand exactly what was wrong with their vehicle. 
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