The Tesla Model 3: What You May See in Your Automotive Mechanic Career

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Tesla is famous for its technologically advanced electric vehicles (EVs). While its early models were focused on the luxury car market, the automaker has made clear that it wants to make EVs affordable for everyone. The Model 3, which costs about half of what its higher-end Model S costs, is its attempt to create an EV for the masses. While the Model 3 has suffered some production problems, it has become the best-selling all-electric vehicle in the world and hundreds of thousands of people are currently on a waitlist to get their own.
If you’re an automotive enthusiast and looking to start a career as a mechanic, then you’re probably interested in the Model 3. Let’s take a look at this unique car and what makes it so special.

The Interior Is Unlike Anything Else You’ll See in Your Automotive Mechanic Career

Sitting inside a Tesla Model 3 is a unique experience. The automaker has stripped out everything that might be considered superfluous and opted for a sleek, minimalist decor. The dash consists of a slab of wood, plastic, or carbon (depending on the model) and a slim, full-length air vent. The various buttons that are standard in most other cars are almost entirely absent in the Model 3. Instead, most of the vehicle’s functions are controlled through a 15-inch touchscreen. While the minimalist design can be a shock at first, it is visually stunning and feels tech-forward. Tesla’s signature tinted glass roof also makes the interior feel incredibly roomy.

The Model 3’s interior boasts a minimalist design and prominent touchscreen control panel
The Model 3’s interior boasts a minimalist design and prominent touchscreen control panel

The Tesla Model 3 Performs Better Than Most Other All-Electric Vehicles

Of course, while the Model 3 certainly looks good, performance is what counts for most people who want an automotive mechanic career. Fortunately, the Model 3 doesn’t disappoint. Its Long Range model has an average range of 499 km on a single charge, which is the second-longest of any all-electric vehicle and behind only the Model S. It can also be recharged to a 270 km range in just 30 minutes.
The Model 3 takes 30 minutes to recharge to a 270 km range
As for speed, the Model 3 tops out at 261 km/h and can go from 0-100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. It also comes with the many Autopilot features that Tesla is famous for, such as active guidance, auto lane change, and autopark. You can even summon your car from a garage or parking lot using your smartphone.

If You Want a Model 3, You Might Need to Be Ready for a Long Wait

If becoming a mechanic is your goal, then you may be wondering what it takes to actually get your hands on a Model 3. With a base price of $47,000 Canadian, the Model 3 may not be quite as affordable as you’d expect for a car supposedly marketed for the average consumer. That base price can also shoot up to $74,000 for the Performance model. However, it’s worth pointing out that Model 3 drivers do save money on fuel, and Tesla claims that maintenance costs are also lower.
However, the biggest barrier to owning a Model 3 may just be the fact that not enough are being produced to keep up with demand. The waitlist for the Model 3 was 420,000 as of July last year and the carmaker has had some notorious problems ramping up production.
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