The Final 5 Dodge Viper Editions You'll See in Your Auto Mechanic Career

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The Dodge Viper’s final year of production comes up in 2017

It’s the end of an era; the Dodge Viper will moult its skin one last time for some fresh new paint, as 2017 signals the final year of Dodge Viper production as well as a time for five final editions of the car to emerge. With its excessive power as well as raw and rugged looks, the Dodge Viper isn’t a car—it’s an experience—and it has been a symbol of 21st century American muscle for over two decades. The last five special editions of the Dodge Viper may be the last great pure American sports cars.
Continue reading to discover how Dodge plans to end Viper’s legacy with five special edition models.

1. You May See A Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR in Your Auto Mechanic Career

The Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR pays tribute to the 1998 GTS-R GTS Champion Edition, which took the checkered flag in the 1997 FIA GT2 championship race. The 1998 GTS-R had one of the most iconic paint schemes of all time—white paint with blue racing stripes—and the new edition keeps this paint job alive. The car also features a carbon fibre kit which not only looks good, but also improves the performance of the car. There are only about 100 models being made, so if you encounter one in your auto mechanic career, consider yourself lucky!

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The racing stripes on the GTS-R are similar to the ones on this silver Viper, except they’re blue on white!

2. The Viper VooDoo II Edition ACR is a Feast for Auto Mechanic Training Students’ Eyes

This Viper edition takes after the initial VooDoo Viper version released back in 2010, and is strictly an aesthetic upgrade. Originally, there were 31 units of the 2010 VooDoo built, so Viper is keeping the tradition alive by only building 31 units this time around. Aesthetically, the car gets a paint upgrade with the ACR driver’s stripe, a serial-numbered plate on the dash (heads up collectors), a customized car cover, and a VooDoo badge.

3. Those with Auto Mechanic Careers May Love the New Viper Snakeskin Edition GTC

Much like the VooDoo Viper, this particular model has been created in honour of the 2010 Viper by the same name. Again like the VooDoo, the number of production units are exactly the same, with the 2010 Viper Snakeskin and the 2017 Snakeskin both only being manufactured 31 times. Other than an upgraded paint scheme and a racing stripe that resembles snakeskin, the new Snakeskin Viper is pretty much the same as the others—but, it has to be said, that paint job is unbelievable!

4. Viper’s Dealer Edition ACR is Beautiful Inspiration if You are Becoming a Mechanic

Customers can only get their hands on the Deal Edition ACR Viper through the two highest volume Dodge dealerships in North America, one in Texas and the other in Illinois. Only 33 units will be produced, and the colour scheme of the Dealer Edition ACR is arguably the most beautiful of the bunch. It features a white body with one thick blue stripe dividing the car in half, and another thinner red stripe to the driver’s side of the blue stripe. It screams Americana. Plus, it features the same 2017 Viper engine as the rest of the models, a 8.4L V10 engine that puts out 645hp and 600 lb-ft of torque, which you can appreciate even more if you’re becoming a mechanic.

5. Pros with Auto Mechanic Careers Know the Viper 1:28 Edition ACR is Legendary

The final special-edition Viper is the 1:28 edition Viper. The 1:28 edition Viper ACR gets its name due to the current production car single lap record of 1:28, which was set by the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR at the Laguna Seca Raceway back in 2015. Only 28 units will be built, making it the rarest of the bunch.
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