The Benefits of Going Waterless During Your Career in Automotive Detailing

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Waterless car detailing has been on the rise in recent years, with many new products, businesses, and other ventures sprouting up all over the country and around the world. The factors pushing its use are evident. Many consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious, and are increasingly searching for greener options. In addition, with water becoming an increasingly precious resource in drought-hit areas, detailers are looking for new alternatives. While Canada may not struggle with water shortages like other areas, auto detailers here can still realize real bottom-line benefits by adopting waterless approaches to detailing.
What are these benefits, and how can you tap into them during your detailing career? Read on to find out!

Pros with a Career in Automotive Detailing Can Now Fully Trust Waterless Products

There is now an established industry that’s been built around the waterless detailing approach. Companies that specialize in these more environmentally friendly methods often opt for a range of high lubricity sprays to both wash and finish vehicle exteriors, delivering striking results that look just as good as if they had been cleaned using water.

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Dependable products able to deliver faultless water-free detailing have been around for years now

Careful application of these products means that no water needs to be used to clean the vehicle surface whatsoever. Water-free products can also be used to fully clean the interior of a vehicle, reducing dry-out time as well. Continued innovation and the release of new options means that any detailers who want to go waterless will have a proven and effective range of cleaners and methods to now resort to.

More Green Customers Awaiting Grads of Automotive Detailing Courses

Graduates of automotive detailing courses will find that offering waterless detailing packages can make quite the impact at the shop desk. Indeed, increasing numbers of car owners will have heard of this as an option, and will search for businesses that offer it.
In addition, waterless detailing doesn’t create run-off in general, which reduces the amount of cleaning product escaping into the environment. By satisfying concerns over both water use and worries about other effects product can have on the environment, detailers will be able to fully satisfy green-minded clients.

Savings on Energy and Equipment Can Help You Reduce Costs During Your Career in Automotive Detailing

It should be clear to the pro building a career in automotive detailing that by removing water from the equation, there are both off-site and on-site savings that can be realized. Without the need for powered hoses, both the cost of repairing and replacing these tools and the electricity costs of operating them can be removed. The removal of excess equipment can also lead to freeing up space in cramped workplaces, leading to a more simplified yet just as effective work environment. Throughout your detailing career, tapping into these benefits could help you take your business to new heights.
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