Students in Auto Mechanic School Should Check Out Nissan's New Variable Compression Engine

Nissan's new variable compression engine is an absolute game changer in the automotive world that students in auto mechanic training can look forward to seeing

Nissan has officially cracked the code of variable compression, which is a major breakthrough in the auto industry. The internal combustion engine has been changed and innovated for over 100 years, yet one of the main barriers to innovation has been engineers’ inability to change the compression ratio of the engine. What is a compression ration? You’ll have to continue reading to find out. What does Nissan’s new variable compression engine mean? It means better fuel economy and more power.
Read on to discover Nissan’s all new variable compression engine.

Students in Auto Mechanic Training Should Understand What ‘Variable Compression’ Means

Although the internal combustion engine has become exceedingly more efficient and effective over the last 100 years, the principles that power it have remained the same. As students learn during their auto mechanic training, a mixture of gasoline and oxygen are drawn into a cylinder and are then compressed with a piston. When this compression happens, pushing the mixture to the top of the cylinder, a spark is ignited to create propulsion force that pushes the piston away, and then the whole process is started again. When a car is idling at 5000rpms, this process is happening 83 times every second. The compression ratio refers to how much the piston is compacting the mixture of gas and oxygen in the cylinder. A VW Jetta uses a 10:1, meaning that the mixture is squished to one tenth its original volume. Once this ration is chosen in engine design, it cannot be changed—until now! Nissan’s new variable compression engine can change compression ratios on the fly, with ratio choices ranging from 8:1 to 14:1. The car’s ability to do this leads to great fuel economy and better performance overall.

Pros With Auto Mechanic Training Can Find a Variable Compression Engine in These Cars

The new variable compression engine comes with a big price tag, as all new technology does. For this reason, the new variable compression engine will only be found in premium models from Nissan. Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan, which has boomed in sales over the past decade and just recently began selling their cars in China, to emphatic reception from consumers. The engine will first be found in Infiniti models, probably with a pretty high price tag. The engine will be unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, which is held in October, and is one of the most important auto shows on the globe.

The new engine will be found in high-end Infiniti autos
The new engine will be found in high-end Infiniti autos

In Auto Mechanic Training School You May Hear About the Gas vs. Electric Competition

Students in auto mechanic school have likely heard that electric cars are rising in popularity quite dramatically, taking a huge chunk of car sales. Auto producers using internal combustion engines have been racing to make their gas engines more efficient, which Nissan has now done. This huge innovation in engine design may give electric motors a run for their money and reposition gas engines as a viable solution for future efficiency needs.

The variable compression engine will compete better with new electric car options
The variable compression engine will compete better with new electric car options

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