Stressing the Importance of Used Car Inspections When You Become a Service Advisor

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It’s no secret that most cars plummet in value as soon as they start to be driven. For buyers hoping to get the best deals on quality vehicles, then, there’s nothing quite as compelling as a used car that’s in good shape. The problem, though, is that even if a car looks good on the outside, and even if it works well at first, it might be hiding a terrible flaw that will cause it to break down before long.
Needless to say, there are few out there who will advocate for just taking an owner at their word that a used car is in good shape. However, pretty much anyone who has experience with used vehicles will recommend getting an independent inspection done. Curious about why this is so important? Here are a few essential facts to tell future clients.

Used Car Inspections Are Important Protection for the Buyer

There is a nightmare scenario that plays out all too often for buyers of used cars. They buy a used car without getting an inspection done, drive off content with the great deal they got, and then discover something is wrong. Maybe the car doesn’t start reliably, or another serious problem is affecting performance. Whatever the case, they might find themselves stuck with a near-useless car and no opportunity for recourse. Why would the previous owner buy back a faulty vehicle if they don’t legally have to?
An inspection might not uncover every flaw in a vehicle, but it will hopefully catch the major ones, and that should be enough to help buyers make an informed choice about whether they should go through with a transaction.

An Inspection by a Professional With Service Advisor Training Is a Bargaining Tool

There’s a lot more leeway for haggling when dealing with used car sales, and an inspection by a professional with service advisor training can provide a buyer with a good opportunity to bargain. Often, an inspection will turn up a number of little flaws—minor body damage, cracked glass, little mechanical issues—which either need to be addressed or, at the very least, should be accounted for in the price.
You’re probably never going to run into anybody who won’t be happy about the idea of getting a better price on a purchase, so be sure to let future clients know this valuable potential outcome of getting an inspection done. There is a bit of an upfront cost of having an expert do the inspection, sure, but if that can be made back with a discount on a faulty vehicle, that’s a big win.

Become a service advisor
Buyers could haggle for a better price on a used car if an inspection turns up flaws

After You Become a Service Advisor, Don’t Forget to Stress How Easy Inspections Are

After you become a service advisor, you probably won’t find it too difficult to convince customers that used car inspections are worthwhile. There’s something else that must be considered, though, and that’s the fact that most people are busy, and getting an inspection might seem like too much work.
It really isn’t, though! After arranging for a test with an automotive professional, customers get to hang back and await the results of a road test, mechanical inspection, and even a check of the onboard computer systems. This all informs a detailed report outlining potential areas of concern that clients need to know about.
The fact that this inspection is so easy for the customer really is an important part of selling the process, so be sure to highlight it when explaining the value of an inspection. If customers are convinced that a test is both easy and important, they’re probably not going to avoid getting one done.
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