Is Automotive Detailing Still A Good Career Path To Pursue After Automotive School?

Canada’s dynamic job market changes all the time but if you’re interested in a career in automotive detailing, you can look forward to your skills being consistently sought after. Auto detailers do much more than keep vehicles clean. Instead, their role involves maximizing the aesthetic condition of a vehicle, restoring any value lost over time. 

Many are unaware that many aesthetic components of a car are designed to improve its function. Auto detailers also prepare new vehicles for the showroom to catch the eyes of prospective buyers. If you have a passion for cars, auto detailing remains an excellent career option to explore after you’ve received the automotive training you need to enter the industry. Keep reading to discover why it’s a great idea to become an auto detailer today. 

Canada’s Automotive Market Could Make Auto Detailing Services More Popular

Presently, Canada’s care market continues to be affected by the 2020 pandemic. At the height of the global crisis, many car dealerships in Canada had empty lots due to the closure of many factories. Supply chain issues continue to affect us as production struggles to keep up with surging demand. New and used vehicle prices continue to rise, leaving many Canadian drivers searching for other options.

In some cases, a professional auto detailing service can leave a vehicle transformed and reduce a driver’s urgency to replace it, as there’s no need for major mechanical repairs. As more Canadians opt out of replacing their vehicles due to sky-high prices, your services after automotive school could become more popular.

automotive school student counting money on a table
The rising price of cars makes your auto detailing services after automotive school more popular.

Auto Detailing Allows You to Turn Your Passion for Cars Into a Career

Apart from auto detailing services being consistently in demand, it can be an enjoyable, rewarding career path for those who have a real passion for cars. There’s something unique and enjoyable about using your skills to turn something rusty and old into a shinier, more valuable finished product. Being passionate about your career makes it much easier to succeed. When you receive automotive training from CATI, you’ll be equipped with all the skills you’ll need to help people customize their vehicles, make cars more appealing for sale, and restore vehicles damaged in accidents. Auto detailing provides the perfect outlet for your love of cars while offering an excellent livelihood.

automotive school student buffing a shiny gray car
Becoming an auto detailer after automotive school is a great outlet for your passion for cars.

Automotive Training Provides Access to an Array of Career Options

After completing auto detailing training, you’ll be fully prepared to access a vast array of career opportunities. Many of our graduates work in dealerships, preparing vehicles for the showroom. This could be a perfect fit for you if you’re most interested in the cosmetic side of auto detailing – the washing, buffing, and polishing. 

Auto detailing is a great path for independent workers with an entrepreneurial spirit. You can start your mobile auto detailing service with the necessary skills, equipment, and business savvy. Other opportunities are available to you in auto body shops where you can work for customers whose vehicles need fixing after collisions. 

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