Service Advisor Career: A Day in the Life

In an auto shop, service advisors are the go-between for technicians and customers. They are responsible for advising customers on the right services for their vehicle and using their expertise to answer customers’ questions. They need to have a sharp eye and diagnose problems with a customer’s vehicle accurately in order to communicate it to the technician.

Any task related to customer service, like contacting customers to gather important information or following up with them to ensure their satisfaction, is up to you as a service advisor. In addition, you may need to use your technical skills to perform last-minute repairs that your technician has forgotten.

In this career, you’ll play a vital role in the profitability of an auto shop, since most of them make the bulk of their income through services and repairs. If you have excellent communication skills, love coordinating and organizing, value helping people, and have an interest in cars, a service advisor career might be just right for you. 

Follow along to find out what a day in the life could look like for you!

Every Day Is Unique for Service Advisors 

The fun part of work after service advisor training is the fact that no day looks completely alike. That’s why if you thrive in a dynamic, ever-changing work environment where you perform a variety of different tasks, this role is the perfect fit. On some days, you’ll be up running around the shop helping customers and performing repairs, while other days may be quieter and involve tasks like catching up on emails. Of course, you’ll have days that are a mix of those two extremes. Seeing just how valuable you are to your team because of the many duties you perform is very rewarding for any professional. 

Educating and Helping Customers Will Be a Priority Throughout Your Service Advisor Career 

Your future service advisor career will place you in a customer-facing position, meaning that educating and helping them will be a priority. Not only will you be responsible for guiding customers to the right service, merchandise, or vehicle for their specific needs but you may also have to estimate costs accurately and even arrange transportation for clients who will be left without a vehicle for an extended period of time. Additionally, you may find yourself educating customers on proper car maintenance once a service is completed or suggesting additional maintenance services for them. 

You’ll need to explain problems and solutions to customers in simple terms.
You’ll need to explain problems and solutions to customers in simple terms.

You’ll need several soft skills to perform all of these duties successfully including empathy, outstanding communication, and great problem-solving skills. Remember that many of these abilities can be learned through experience. With the proper training, you’ll be on the right track in no time. 

The Magic Happens in the Office 

In the office, you’ll be required to stay on top of all phone and email correspondences with customers, including information about the problems they’re having with their vehicles and any complaints.

After service advisor training, you’ll be responsible for organizing customer services in the office.
After service advisor training, you’ll be responsible for organizing customer services in the office.

Your job is to respond in a tactful way, create solutions for customers who are unsatisfied with their service, interpret information to determine which service would work best for a given situation, book appointments, and prepare written estimates after a physical examination has been completed. Your office duties will require you to stay organized and time-conscious. Our Dealership Service Operations Program at CATI will offer you all the practical skills and knowledge you’ll need to start your path towards this exciting career. 


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