Samsung Invents Revolutionary Video Safety Technology for Trucks

Samsung Invents Revolutionary Video Safety Technology
New technology is changing the way we drive. From big developments like self-driving cars, to smaller innovations in fuel efficiency and Bluetooth audio technology – cars and the technology in them are changing all the time.
One new development in particular has been capturing quite a bit of media attention lately. The slogan for the innovative new product is bold and makes a big promise:
“An idea that instead of changing people’s lives, saves them.”
Read on to find out what this new technology is, and what impact it might have on drivers, car enthusiasts, and car mechanics alike.

The Statistics on Car Safety

Since the invention of the three-point seatbelt in 1959, car makers have demonstrated that safety is an important part of car innovation. And yet – even with improvements like airbags, safety glass, and snow tires – driving a car can still be dangerous.
Every year, up to 50 million people – more than the entire population of Canada – die around the world because of car crashes. In Canada, 6 out of every 100, 000 people die in car accidents annually.
In Argentina, the statistics on car safety are even bleaker. Because of its many one and two-lane roads, the country has the highest rate of deaths caused by traffic accidents in all of Latin America. Almost every hour, someone in Argentina dies in a traffic accident.

The Project: How Samsung Plans to Improve Car Safety

For many professionals working in dealership service operations, the name Samsung usually conjures up images of the latest smartphone model – not cars. But the tech giant did dabble in car making back in 1994. It even made a small name for itself before being bought out by French auto maker Renault.
Now, Samsung is unveiling a whole new initiative in the automotive industry.
Samsung has developed a prototype for a new kind of vehicle known as “Safety Truck”. This 18-wheeler boasts a wireless camera in the front connected to four large screens at the back of the truck. The camera streams a live feed of what’s ahead, meaning that cars behind the Safety Truck now have a clever way of “looking through” it.
Automotive service technicians know that this could have big safety implications for car drivers trying to weave their way around big rigs.

The Implications for Drivers and Dispatchers

Many deadly accidents happen because of the guesswork currently involved in overtaking a truck on a two-lane road. Some trucks are so big that drivers often can’t see what’s coming up in the passing lane until after they’re already in it – at least in part. By taking out this guesswork, Samsung could significantly reduce the number of motor vehicle accident deaths.
That’s why it’s currently piloting the project in Argentina and looking to secure government approval to develop the technology for a wider market.
But, despite the potential to save lives, professionals with dispatch and logistics career training are only cautiously optimistic that the Safety Truck will catch on quickly. That’s because current logistics companies won’t directly see any improved efficiency or economic benefit from adopting the Safety Truck technology.
It looks like for the moment, we’ll need to wait and see what the next move will be for Samsung.
Check out this video to see the amazing “see through” truck in action.

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