Pro Tips: 4 Great Tool Storage Options for Car Mechanic Training Grads

When you take good care of your tools, they will return the favour. Upon graduating from car mechanic school and making your way into a garage to put your hands-on training to work, your tools will be an important part of your workday. Storing those tools effectively ensures that car mechanics don’t have to waste time searching for tools. Tools that are stored away safely when not in use will also last longer and not get lost.
Continue reading to discover four of the best tool storage techniques that you can use once you become an auto mechanic.

1. Graduates of Car Mechanic Programs Need Portable Toolboxes

For tools that are used more frequently than others or that sometimes need to be brought on the road, easy-to-carry toolboxes are a must for car mechanics. Once you graduate and begin your career as a car mechanic, try keeping small tools in a portable toolbox, to make sure that they are there when you need them.
Keep an eye out for small toolboxes that have an inner removable tray, so that you can help keep track of smaller items like pencils or rulers. There are both metal and plastic toolboxes available on the market, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The biggest difference to consider is that metal toolboxes will last forever, but are much heavier than plastic toolboxes.

Toolboxes are handy for mechanics on the go
Toolboxes are handy for mechanics on the go

2. Grads of Automotive Training Schools Often Use Tool ID Systems

When you go visit automotive training schools, you may notice that the shop you’re training in has some type of tool identification system. This way, tools don’t get misplaced or left in places that could pose a hazard. Once you graduate, you’ll also likely notice that many garages often use tool ID systems as well. Some mechanic shops even require each employee to permanently mark their tools so that they don’t get misplaced or confused with another mechanic’s tools.

3. Customize Your Tool Storage System After Graduating from a Car Mechanic Training Program

Automotive training programs can not only teach you how to customize cars, but also how to customize the way you store your tools, because often the best tool organization system is the one you make yourself. To do this, begin by purchasing some thick foam that is deep enough to allow your tool to sit comfortably in it. Next, trace the tools on top of the foam and cut out their shapes. Then, cut your new tool-moulded foam piece to make sure it fits inside your toolbox. This way, your toolbox now has places specifically for each tool and you know exactly where each one goes.

4. Pros With Car Mechanic Training Always Remember To Keep Tools Dry and Clean

Most tools are made of steel, meaning that they are susceptible to breaking down from too much moisture and humidity. Once you begin your career, make sure that your tools are never left out in the rain, and if your garage is experiencing humidity problems try to keep ‘silica’ packages—the little white packages that are found in consumer product packing like shoe boxes or beef jerky—in your tool box drawers to absorb any excess moisture. Additionally, before storing tools, make sure that you give them a good clean if they need it. This way your toolbox will remain clean and your tools won’t be covered in oil or any other grime they might have come into contact with.
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