Introducing Aston Martin’s New DB11 For Those In Auto Training School

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Aston Martin is an iconic brand, known by most as James Bond’s car of choice for all the high speed chases and other exciting events in his 26 movies. However, despite that marquee spot in popular culture, the company has had a rather tough history. They’ve gone through bankruptcy seven times in their century of operations and have had a difficulties becoming as visible in the Canadian market as competitors like Porsche and Bentley. Currently Aston Martin is trying to reverse that trend and become more appealing to this market.
Enter the DB11, which is Aston Martin’s first all-new sports car in over a decade. If you’re interested in the auto industry and perhaps working in it someday, read on to learn more about this exciting new offering from Aston Martin.

1. Students in Auto Training School Know this is Aston Martin’s First Car in Over a Decade

For years, Aston Martin has had a difficult time explaining its concept to the Canadian market. Its cars are often not the fastest or biggest sports cars. Therefore, many remained niche cars in the Canadian market, and less popular than their competitors. The DB11 could change that.
The DB11 is Aston Martin’s newest offering in over a decade. Its predecessor, the DB9, was initially revealed in 2003 and was continuously upgraded until its production ceased in 2016. The DB9, though a very well-received car, was unable to completely distinguish itself as superior than its competitors for a host of different reasons, from speed to navigation to cargo space.
As students in auto training school might know, Aston Martin’s historically volatile corporate stability and the reception of the DB9 make their new offering, the DB11, all the more important to the long-term health of the company.

2. The DB11 is Widely Considered to Be the Most Important Model In Aston Martin’s History

Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), has called the DB11 the most important car in Aston Martin’s history. Given the long gap between their last new offering and the massive technological advancements that cars have made in the last decade, that statement carries a lot of weight.
Aston Martin’s plan is for the DB11 to be the first car of the revamped company. The plan is for the DB11 to be followed each year for seven years by new Aston Martin releases, including a luxury sedan, a two-seat sports car, and a four-door crossover. Each car is expected to have a seven year lifespan.
So, if you have auto mechanic training in Ontario, it’s possible that you’ll be seeing more Aston Martins on the road and in the shop in the next few years. Possible, but not guaranteed, because this whole plan hinges on the DB11’s success in the market.

3. Students at Auto Training School Might Know the DB11 Is Equipped with Modern Technology

Students with auto mechanic training know that it’s a given that Aston Martin’s latest new release, the DB11, is poised to have many more technological advancements than each of its predecessors. Aston Martin partnered with Daimler to fix its multimedia system, while also collaborating with Mercedes-Benz to develop the menu, interface, and internal controls. These changes help make the DB11 just as modern and technology advanced as its competitors. All of the screens, navigating options, and resolution have been correspondingly brought into the 21st century, marking a massive leap from Aston Martin’s older sports-car releases.

You might see the new DB11 on the road and in your shop!
You might see the new DB11 on the road and in your shop!

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