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Many cities across Canada experience water restrictions during the summer months. Washing a car during a hot and dry summer, in particular, isn’t always the best practice during a water shortage. In fact, even car washing shops in certain cities are forced to limit their water usage.
GeoWash, a new car washing and detailing franchise, is changing the game when it comes to washing cars. The system uses such a minimal amount of water that cars can be washed indoors without leaving any mess on the ground around the vehicle. GeoWash is quickly catching on in cities and countries around the world that have limited access to water.
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Students in Automotive Detailing Courses Know About Waterless Car Washing

As car enthusiasts with a career in automotive detailing know, waterless car washing is not a new concept. Detailers have been using cleansers and soaps that don’t require water for some time. The founder of GeoWash took advantage of this, and developed a complete system that uses high-quality detailing and car washing products that require little to no water and still deliver good results.
The system is simple, but effective. Using a completely portable cart, GeoWash’s franchisees and their staff use less than one litre of water to clean each vehicle, which is quite impressive when compared to the average 450 litres a car owner will use cleaning their vehicle in their own driveway. All of the products are biodegradable to reduce their impact on the environment, and detailers can clean an entire car without leaving a mess on the ground.
The GeoWash cart can store enough water and supplies for an entire day’s work, without requiring any additional water or electricity sources. The cart stores and separates the clean and dirty water, so GeoWash staff can work completely independently.

What Services GeoWash Offers its Growing Customer Base

GeoWash is more than just a car wash, too. While it’s only just beginning to establish itself in Atlantic Canada, GeoWash already has a strong presence in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the UK, where its menu of offerings are more developed.
For example, GeoWash Australia offers three different packages: Geo Silver, Geo Gold, and Geo Diamond. The packages, or “menu items” as the company calls them, start from a basic quick car wash and move up in price to include a mini detailing treatment, or an extended interior and exterior detailing treatment. Customers can choose to opt for additional services, too—all of it performed by professionals with automotive detailing specialists training.

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GeoWash also provides interior detailing services

GeoWash Helps Pros with a Career in Automotive Detailing Preserve the Environment

GeoWash has really taken off in markets that have severe water restrictions. For example, in Africa, where water is an extremely precious commodity, GeoWash is an ideal solution. Up until GeoWash was established, car owners were still mainly washing their cars the traditional way, and as a result, wasting valuable water. GeoWash offers a quick and reliable solution for car owners in water-strapped communities.
Even though water isn’t as scarce here in Canada as it is in places like Africa, the eco-friendly nature of GeoWash could go a long way in keeping our beautiful nature, rivers, and oceans clean. Soapy runoff from individuals washing their cars at home wouldn’t end up in gutters, storm drains, and gardens, which would help preserve the health of Canada’s fragile ecosystems.
The earth-friendly nature of the service is part of what has contributed to GeoWash’s significant success in such a short amount of time. Today, GeoWash is pushing hard to make its way into Canada. And if the concept takes off like it has in the rest of the world, it won’t be long before GeoWash franchises start popping up across the country.
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