[Infographic] What Will Cars Be Like in 2040?

Infographic: What Will Cars Be Like in 2040?

Vehicle technology has changed drastically over the past few decades. From power windows, to heated seats, built-in GPS systems, and most recently the addition of Wi-Fi, music streaming, and backup cameras, it seems the possibilities for future auto technology are endless. It’s an exciting time for students enrolling in automotive schools!
Although it is challenging for professionals with careers in the auto industry to predict the future with complete accuracy, by looking at trends in the industry today it’s easy to see the direction where technology is headed.  A variety of companies, not just car brands, are investing billions of dollars into revolutionizing the cars we know and love today.
Interested to find out what everyday vehicles could be like in 2040? Check out our infographic providing you a sneak peek into the future.

What Will Cars Be Like in 2040?

The number of vehicles on the road by 2040 is expected to double to 2 billion
What do popular car brands think the future will bring?
Honda: Shape shifting vehicles that adapt to their surroundings
Nissan: Electric vehicles that operate using an electric highway grid
GM: Self-driving cars that give drivers more autonomy once they’ve passed driving simulations
Mazda: Using an online platform to purchase fully customized vehicles
Toyota: A network of compact vehicles kept in central hubs for public use
Will environmentally friendly vehicles become mainstream?
According to a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, by 2040:

  • 35% of light-duty vehicle purchases could be EVs and hybrids
  • 25% of vehicles on the road could be EVs
  • Sales of EVs are expected to increase by 90x to 41 million units

Electric vehicle (EV) technology will drastically improve. By 2040:

  • EV batteries could operate up to 800 kilometers on one charge
  • EV batteries could charge up to 75% in just 15 minutes
  • Battery cell costs should have decreased

Will drivers be operating autonomous self-driving vehicles?

  • Current self-driving technology will improve
  • Autonomous technology may be standard by 2040


  • Restrictions on autonomous vehicles may first have to be removed
  • Designated autonomous driving zones may have to be developed
  • Fully autonomous driving may be reserved for specific purposes like:
    • Valet parking
    • Driving in designated autonomous lanes

Which companies are investing in autonomous technology?

  • Uber
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Tesla
  • Audi
  • GM
  • Honda

As early as 2020, there could be as many as 10 million self-driving cars on the road.


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