[Infographic]: Common Interview Mistakes for Auto School Grads to Avoid

It’s no secret that grads with car mechanic training are in demand. Auto sales across Canada are at an all-time high, and retiring Baby Boomers are leaving positions open for the taking. There are already more jobs for car mechanics than there are workers to fill them.
However, even though there are plenty of jobs opening up for auto school grads, it’s still crucial to properly prepare for a job interview. Chewing gum, dressing sloppy, and not tidying up your social media accounts are all common mistakes that can cost you your dream job.
If you’re about to graduate from one of Canada’s top mechanic training schools, check out our infographic on the most common interview mistakes – and how you can avoid them.
Interview Tips-CATI Infographic

Common Interview Mistakes for Auto School Grads to Avoid

Interview Prep:
Clean up your social media presence

  • 69% have an unprofessional social media account

Do your research

  • 47% don’t research the company

Dress for success

  • 69% wear the wrong outfit

Get auto mechanic training

  • 44% don’t have relevant training

Practise interview questions with a friend or career counsellor:

  • “Why do you want to work at our garage/ dealership?”
  • “How do you handle difficult clients?”
  • “Tell us about your auto mechanic training”
  • “How do you ensure your car inspections are thorough?”

Body Language:
Spit out your gum

  • 56% chew gum

Maintain good posture

  • 33% slouch

Don’t fidget

  • 33% fidget too much

Make eye contact

  • 67% forget to make eye contact

Interview Answers:
Be honest

  • 40% lie to interviewers

Stay positive

  • 63% are negative about a previous employer

Don’t oversell yourself

  • 66% come across as arrogant

Show enthusiasm

  • 69% didn’t appear interested in the position


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