Infographic: A Newcomers Guide to an Automotive Technician Career

New innovative vehicle technology, an exciting focus on green energy, and a consistent demand for vehicles makes now the perfect time to pursue an auto career. Auto mechanic training provides students with the skills they need to work in a range of professional settings, and perform dozens of in-demand services. If you’re considering enrolling in auto training school, check out our latest infographic to learn about projected industry growth, the duties you will perform on the job, and what to expect in terms of salary.

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      • Growth, expected growth
        • Ontario is North America’s leading automaker and home to 11 million registered vehicles
        • Last year, the number of car sales rose from 135,766 to 141,763, which  means increased demand for vehicle maintenance
        • Canada’s aging workforce is also creating jobs for new auto mechanics: by 2031, approximately 30% of Canadians will have retired
        • As a result of retirements and increased vehicle sales , the auto sector is expected to see a 17% growth in jobs between now and 2020

Auto Mechanic Industry

      • Tasks and responsibilities
        • Perform visual inspections and utilize diagnostic equipment
        • Identify broken parts/systems, perform required repairs & conduct test drives
        • Keep current on mechanical profiles & specs of vehicle makes, models, and years
        • Monitor inventory & order auto parts
      • Types of services
        • Routine Maintenance:

– tire rotation

– oil change

– lubricating engine parts

– electrical system tune up

      • Specialized Services:

– collision repair

– rust prevention and repair

– complete paint jobs

– interior restoration

    • Money
      • Automotive technicians make approximately $45,000-$70,000 per year plus benefits
      • Some auto shops offer commission incentives
    • Benefits (3-4)
      • Opportunity to work in a variety of auto repair settings
      • Gain a wide range of knowledge and hands-on skills
      • Daily troubleshooting is both challenging and rewarding
      • Work as part of a respected team of experts
    • Career Options
      • Car dealerships
      • Retail automotive repair facilities
      • Heavy duty truck repair facilities
      • Organizations with fleet vehicles

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