In Automotive Training? 3 Signs You’d Make a Great Service Advisor

Service advisors are vital in ensuring an auto mechanic shop runs efficiently. They are the primary communication line between auto mechanics and customers. They also handle other tasks, such as welcoming customers, sales, general office duties and giving customers advice when asked. Becoming a great service advisor means having certain qualities that will help you succeed in the role. These qualities will be improved during automotive training to ensure you are set up to succeed in the role.

If you want to see what signs indicate that you will be a great service advisor after automotive training, continue reading!

1. You are Great With People and Want to Assist Them

As a service advisor, you will often interact with people, whether it is consumers or colleagues. So, you need to enjoy interacting with people if you want to be successful in the role. Customers will come to you with problems or call to check up on their vehicle, and you will need to be enthusiastic about assisting them. Excellent customer service could be the difference between a client returning or taking their business elsewhere.

Sometimes, you may need to be patient with customers and explain things to them. They may call more than once, and you cannot become irritated; the same goes for your auto mechanics. You will need to ask them about how repairs or services are progressing. In essence, you will constantly be speaking to and interacting with people.

During service advisor training, your people skills will be improved by utilizing exercises and scenarios. However, a solid foundation will help you become a great service advisor. As part of your training, you may need to communicate with difficult customers, which might be frustrating, so you’ll need to learn how to handle the situation and yourself amicably and professionally. You will be taught techniques to remain calm and engage with difficult customers.

As a service advisor after automotive school, you will need to have people skills.
As a service advisor after automotive school, you will need to have people skills.

2. Automotive School Will Teach You How to Communicate

Communicating clearly and concisely is a necessary skill because you’ll be interacting with clients and mechanics on a daily basis. It is also important to provide accurate information to both parties. For example, when dealing with customers, the information should be explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Clear communication with the mechanics is also important to get the job done correctly. As your training covers the servicing process in-depth, you can explain to the auto mechanics specifically what the vehicle requires and anything else noted by the customer. 

During automotive training, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the different aspects of servicing a vehicle, and this will help you apply clear and effective communication skills when tasked with explaining them to clients.

3. You Are Well Organized at All Times 

Service advisors are busy people working in a fast-paced environment because there are many customers to deal with, paperwork to be filed, estimates to be made, and other general tasks that need to be done. To maintain control and keep everything flowing smoothly, you should be an efficient and organized person. For example, when dealing with customer queries, you need to know which vehicle is theirs, as well as its status. When chatting to an auto mechanic about a vehicle, you also need to know who that vehicle is for and what work needs to be done.

During service advisor training, you will learn organizational techniques to help you on the job.
During service advisor training, you will learn organizational techniques to help you on the job.

During service advisor training, you will learn how to use software programs that assist with organization. You will also be taught organizational techniques for note-taking and documentation. However, being a person with core organizational skills will greatly benefit you on your path to becoming a great service advisor.


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