In Auto Mechanic School? Here's Why It's Important to Drive a Car Regularly

In Auto Mechanic School? Here’s Why It’s Important to Drive a Car Regularly

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As humans, rest usually tends to do us some good. If we take a vacation, we come back to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. For cars, it’s not quite the same story. If vehicles sit for too long without being driven, this lack of use can have a negative effect on their general quality and longevity. With the current coronavirus pandemic, car owners are driving a lot less than they used to, as many are working from home instead of commuting, or just opting to stay home more frequently. However, drivers should be aware of the negative toll that lack of use can have on a vehicle. They should still take their vehicle out at least a few times a month. Here’s why this regular use is so important for cars. 

Those in Mechanics Schools Should Know that Car Batteries Benefit from Frequent Usage

One of the biggest reasons that cars shouldn’t go a long time without being driven is the negative effect that this idleness can have on the battery. Car batteries will slowly lose their charge over time if the vehicle is not driven, as batteries really only have a chance to recharge when the engine is running and the vehicle is moving. If a vehicle isn’t turned on for a while, it might need to be jump-started because all of the charge of the battery will have been lost. If you’ve gone to auto mechanic school, make sure you’re reminding drivers to take their car out for a spin every week for around 20 minutes. This will ensure that the vehicle’s battery is kept in good condition.

Tires Shouldn’t Stay in One Place for Too Long

If a car sits in one place for too long, its tires can begin to lose air. Flat spots can also appear in tires after they have stayed at one angle for too long. Any time a driver moves their car, their tires will move too, preventing flat spots from occurring. Advise drivers to move their car at least once a week in order to avoid having to get their tires filled up excessively and to prevent flat spots from developing.

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Tires can develop flat spots if a vehicle doesn’t move often

Cars Can Become Susceptible to Pests

This one comes as a shock to some people, but those in mechanics schools won’t be surprised to learn that another reason drivers should take their cars out regularly is to keep their vehicle from becoming a home to rodents. Rodents love the security and protection offered by a vehicle’s hood or exhaust outlets, and they’ll be all the more likely to make a vehicle their new home if it’s not driven regularly. Drivers can keep the rodents, and the expenses that come with the damage they cause, at bay by driving their car more. 

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Rodents might build nests in cars if they aren’t driven frequently enough

Some Parts Were Meant to Be Moved

Cars were built with movement in mind, and many of a vehicle’s parts will be worse for wear after some time out of commission. Moving parts, such as the suspension, brakes, transmission, shifter linkage, and more all need to be lubricated, which can only happen if a vehicle is driven regularly.

Less Driving Could Lead to Neglect

One of the hidden dangers of driving less often is the effect that it can have on a driver’s mentality. Because they aren’t driving as much, drivers might tend to think that there might not be any upkeep needed on their vehicle. However, cars still need regular maintenance checks to monitor tire pressure, fluid levels, lights, and more. The need for this kind of regular maintenance doesn’t decrease even if the vehicle is being driven less. As a mechanic, you might want to remind drivers that they need to be driving their vehicles regularly, and ideally at least once a week, in order to prevent issues like these from occurring. 
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