How To Contribute To The Overall Profitability Of An Auto Shop After Automotive Service Advisor Training

In an automotive shop, the work of several team members is required to ensure the profitability of the business. If you’re a car lover with a knack for service and administration, you could provide plenty of value to an automotive team and pave the way to an extremely lucrative and fulfilling career. Automotive service advisors are professionals who connect customers with the right service and technician for their needs. They perform a wide range of customer service and clerical tasks to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth daily operations within an automotive shop. Their work can contribute significantly to profitability in several ways. Keep reading to discover how you can demonstrate your value to employers after getting the training you need to become a service advisor. 

Maximize Profitability By Making Sales 

Retail is an excellent way for auto shops to bring in extra income. Typically, as a service advisor, you will be responsible for selling parts and automotive accessories, guiding customers as they seek the products that best suit their needs. Making sales will require you to recruit several skills at once. Firstly, you’ll need to establish a pleasant rapport and build trust with customers. A friendly, approachable demeanor goes a long way when you’re helping out a customer. Be sure to greet each customer with a smile, make a concerted effort to gain an understanding of their needs, and remember returning customers to reward loyalty. You’ll also need to recruit the vast automotive knowledge base that you will have developed in service advisor training in order to determine the perfect solution for each customer in a timely manner.

service advisor training graduate helping customer select a tire
Brush up on your retail skills to increase profitability after service advisor training.

Following Up With Customers Can Help You Increase Profit after Service Advisor Training

As an automotive service advisor, you can increase the profit of your shop by suggesting preventative maintenance services in between repairs. Your customers will vary in the amount of automotive experience they have and many will be unsure of the routine inspection and top-up services they’ll need to lengthen their vehicle’s lifespan and boost its performance. Many of your customers will lead busy lives and simply need a reminder that it’s time for an oil change or time to put their winter tires on. By following up routinely, you can remind or inform customers of the ways your shop can help them, increasing services and in turn, boosting profit. Following up also gives customers the opportunity to give useful feedback that your team can use to further improve the customer experience. 

Your Strong Customer Service Skills Can Foster Repeat Business 

A successful business provides an excellent customer experience that stands out. Working as a service advisor after automotive school will require you to exhibit great customer service skills. What does that entail? In addition to offering your automotive expertise to solve your customers’ problems, going above and beyond in even the smallest ways can make a positive impression.

service advisor training graduate shaking a customer’s hand
After service advisor training, your excellent customer service can bring repeat business.

Some auto shops choose to serve refreshments while others institute a loyalty program in order to reward customers who have remained loyal. Throughout your service advisor career, continue to brainstorm ways that your team can show appreciation for customers. In addition, be sure to keep customer service at the center of your role, remaining patient with difficult customers, always doing your best to meet their needs, and consistently positioning the services and products at your auto shop as the solution to any automotive issues they may have. 

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