How to Clean Cup Holders Like a Pro During Your Career in Automotive Detailing

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Of all the different parts of a vehicle’s interior that drivers tend to neglect, it’s safe to say that cup holders bear the brunt. From coffee and soda spills to loose dirt and occasional cigarette ash, cup holders get messy fast! Thankfully, there are dedicated auto detailers ready and waiting to give those handy cup holders the cleaning they desperately need, and leave cars looking their best.
Here are some of the ways detailers expertly clean cup holders.

Start by Vacuuming and Soaking the Cup Holders in Warm Water

Especially dirty cup holders are guaranteed to be full of crumbs and other types of hard and flaky dirt. To get all this dirt out, you’ll want to get a vacuum and work on removing as much of it as you can. After that grab a microfiber towel and soak it in warm water. You’ll also want to pour just a little bit of warm water into to the cup holders and let it sit for a few minutes before coming back to clean it. The hot water will help to loosen up any stuck on soda or coffee at the bottom of the cup holder and make it easier for you to clean off.
After that just apply a bit of soap or your preferred detailing spray and start wiping away, making sure to use circular motions. Once you’ve thoroughly rubbed down the cup holder, grab a dry cloth or microfiber towel to dry it off and clean away any leftover soap residue.

Grads of Automotive Detailing Courses Can Use Detailing Brushes for Tougher Jobs

When soaking cup holders in hot water fails to work, or when working on removable and extendable cup holders, grads of automotive detailing courses can try using a small detailing brush in conjunction with an all-purpose cleaner. Start by dipping your brush into the solution and scrubbing away at the stuck on dirt. After giving the solution a bit of time to set, return with your detailing brush and start scrubbing up a good lather.

Consider using a detailing brush for those tougher-to-reach areas!
Consider using a detailing brush for those tougher-to-reach areas!

Of course, whenever you’re cleaning any surface with a professional auto detailing brush you want to make sure that you aren’t applying too much pressure. Doing so actually causes more harm than good, even potentially scratching up the cup holders. Instead of using a ton of force on more stubborn cup holder stains, try repeating the process. Should that fail, it’s time for something a little more heavy duty.

Those with a Career in Automotive Detailing Swear by Steam Machines

Want to know the great thing about using steam machines as an auto detailer? They can be used to clean almost any surface inside of a vehicle. Using steam to clean a car’s interior also has the added benefit of being able to kill bacteria inside of a cup holder, of which there is plenty. Graduates with automotive detailing specialists training can use high grade steam machines used specifically for cleaning cars.
Start by holding the nozzle of the steam cleaner above the cup holder for a minute or two before moving in with a detailing brush to clean away stains and dirt. Detailers can also use steamers that have a special brush attachment so that they can steam and scrub simultaneously for an even faster clean. Wipe down any water with a microfiber towel and voila, that cup holder should be looking as new as when it was bought… or close enough!

Make those cup holders shine during your detailing career!
Make those cup holders shine during your detailing career!

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