How Pros with a Career in Automotive Detailing Remove a Bad Wax Job

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There are not many things that look better than a car with a fresh coat of expertly applied wax. Not only does wax help make a car look its best, it also helps to reduce scratches, protect from weathering and oxidation, and keep moisture out, preventing rust and corrosion. If you’re interested in becoming a professional auto detailer, you can expect to perform hundreds of wax jobs throughout your career.
At some point once you become an auto detailer, you may have a panicked car owner come into your shop looking for help reversing a bad wax job. But before you can begin working on a fresh new coat of wax, you’ll need to remove the existing wax already on the car.
Are you curious as to how? Keep reading to learn two effective ways for removing old wax.

Pros with a Career in Automotive Detailing Can Remove Wax with a Pre-wax Cleaner

One method you can use to remove old wax involves using a pre-wax spray-on cleaner. The first step in the process is to perform a thorough cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle, which you’ll learn how to do during your automotive detailing courses. After the surface is as clean as it can possibly be, dry it with a microfiber towel. Then, spray on your pre-wax cleaner. Make sure to work in sections and start at the top of the vehicle and work your way down. As you spray the pre-wax cleaner, wipe the area with a microfiber cloth. Be careful not to get any cleaner on the car’s trim or plastic parts, or it could cause discolouration.
After you’ve wiped down the entire car with pre-wax cleaner, assess your progress. If there’s still wax on the car, apply the pre-wax cleaner again and repeat. Once you’ve got all the wax removed, use a cleanser to wipe down the trim and plastic pieces to ensure no residue is left over. After that, you’re clear to begin your new wax job!

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When applying pre-wax cleaner, make sure to avoid the car’s trim and plastic parts

A Clay Bar Is Another Option Pros with a Career in Automotive Detailing Use to Remove Wax

The second way to remove a bad wax job is to use a clay bar. Using clay to remove wax offers an added benefit, as it will help to clean the surface of the vehicle deeply and extract any particles engrained into the paint, making the new wax job you complete look even better.
Just like when using a pre-wax cleaner, you’ll want to start by thoroughly cleaning the vehicle and letting it dry completely. With clay bars, it’s always best to work in small areas; start at the top of the vehicle and spray a clay lubricant in the area you are working on. As any professional with a career in automotive detailing will know, lubricant helps make sure your clay bar can glide over the surface without causing any scratches. Begin working the clay over the section. Once the clay bar can pass smoothly, that area of the car is free of wax.
If there is any clay stuck to the surface of the vehicle, simply spraying more lubricant and wiping the area with a microfiber cloth will help remove it. Once you’re satisfied that the surface is free of any leftover wax, you can then get started on applying a fresh new coat of wax to the car.
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