How Being a People Person Could Give Your Automotive Service Career a Big Boost

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Automotive service advisors are the middle men between clients and the auto shop team, and help car owners better understand the repair process. A successful auto service advisor needs to go the extra mile for clients, possessing exceptional interpersonal skills and a positive and friendly attitude. A great auto service advisor will make clients feel welcome when they enter the garage, connecting with them and building trust through caring and honest interactions. For these reasons and more, personable auto service advisors are a tremendous asset to their employers.
Do you love interacting with others, and are considering training to become an auto service advisor? Continue reading to find out why being a people person is such an excellent career boost.

Being a People Person Helps Ambitious Service Advisors Stand Out

There’s a good reason why auto shop owners jump on candidates who demonstrate a higher level of enthusiasm and positivity during an interview. That’s because energetic and lighthearted candidates show that they are willing to go above and beyond to give clients great customer service. Candidates with excellent people skills can also be humorous, livening up their interactions with clients and making their experience in the shop a fun one. These outgoing professionals can help to improve customer service, and help drive business as happy clients recommend services to friends and family. For graduates who already enjoy working with others, it can be encouraging to know that this quality can help them stand out when beginning their automotive service career.

Enthusiastic Auto Service Advisors Are Often Excellent Communicators

Professionals with automotive service advisor training who enjoy engaging with clients are also better communicators. They can voice ideas in a clear and friendly manner, making them effective at connecting with co-workers and clients alike. One person’s positive attitude can also change the perspectives of those around them. Enthusiastic auto service advisors might inspire their coworkers to be positive and cheerful as well, bettering their interactions with clients and increasing their productivity.

Being a People Person Could Land You Promotions During Your Automotive Service Career

Apart from ensuring that every interaction with a client is a good one, being a people person might help an auto service advisor score a promotion. Often, professionals who work well with co-workers and who get along well with clients are a natural fit for leadership positions. Good leaders need to be able to communicate clearly with staff, and motivate co-workers to work hard. For a people person who loves connecting with others, entering a management position could be an excellent use of their skillset.
As outgoing professionals gain experience, they might find that their natural social skills will also help them advance their career. By striving to never stop learning and to embrace each new challenge this exciting career brings, new graduates can look forward to a bright and rewarding future.

With passion and positivity you’ll thrive as a service advisor!
With passion and positivity you’ll thrive as a service advisor!

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