Graduating From Automotive Sales Training? Check Out 4 of the Most Anticipated Cars of 2016!

The Ford GT looks set to one of the biggest releases of 2016.
The Ford GT looks set to one of the biggest releases of 2016.

Trained car sales professionals know all the best techniques to use to boost sales, but nothing creates demand like an exciting new product. When a new model really captures an auto buyer’s imagination, it makes the job of sales staff that much easier, as customers come in eager to get behind the wheel of the next big thing.
With new car models being previewed months and sometimes years in advance, it seems like every new release comes with a lot of hype. However, occasionally, automakers give the public something really huge to get excited about, and this year, there are a number of models that are packed with innovation, unique selling points, and exemplary design.
In 2016, these 4 new cars will have showrooms across the world buzzing. Here’s what auto sales students need to know:

1. Ford GT: A Rare Gem For Students in Automotive Sales Training

Named and styled after Ford’s famous GT40 racing cars of the 1960s, the original production run of GT sport cars lasted for just over a year from 2005 to 2006, with just 4,038 ever produced. Fans hoping for larger rollout of the new generation GT will be disappointed though, with the auto giant planning to produce just 200 models for 2016, each priced at an eye-watering $575,000.
However, automotive sales training students shouldn’t be surprised if every single one of those units sells, with its 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine and sleek carbon monocoque chassis making it an attractive proposition for those who can afford it.

2. Mazda MX-5 Miata: A Welcome Comeback to Automotive Sales Showrooms

Another famous name making a comeback in 2016 is the Miata, which is regarded by many as one of the best sportcars of all time, thanks to its affordability, great performance, and sleek design. The new generation model boasts a lighter body for better handling, and a 2.0L Skyactiv direct-injection 4-cylinder engine that can produce up to 155hp. As always, it’s one of the more affordable sportcars on the road, with prices starting at just $36,000.
Check out the new Miata here:

3. The Q2: Audi Enters the SUV Automotive Sales and Leasing Market In Style

The Q2 could turn out to be landmark release for Audi, which is looking to focus more on SUVs in a bid to increase its share of the fastest-growing segment of the automotive sales and leasing market. The subcompact crossover, which uses the A3 platform, should cost around $37,000 and is expected to fight it out with the Nissan Juke for sales.

4. CTS-V: An Auto Sales Training Student’s Guide to the Most Powerful Cadillac

For Cadillac fans, 2016 will be all about the CTS-V. Coined the most powerful Cadillac ever built, the $120,000 luxury sedan’s supercharged 6.2L V8 gives it an impressive 640hp and an acceleration of 0-100km in 3.7 seconds, while its eight-speed automatic transmission allows for superb handling that’s sure to appeal to high-end car buyers.
See the CTS-V’s power for yourself here:

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