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Fixed Operations Specialist Training in Toronto


Fixed operations specialists can be found throughout both the automotive and transportation industries holding supervisory positions in places like car and truck dealerships and auto body shops. The three main departments they typically supervise are auto body collision estimating, service and parts.

Study Fixed Operations Specialist Training at ATC Toronto

In Toronto, comprehensive preparation for a career as a fixed operations specialist in the automotive and transport industries is available through the Automotive Training Centre (ATC). Operating as a vocational program under the Ontario Government’s Private Career Colleges Act of 2005, ATC’s Fixed Operations Specialist program is taught in a state-of-the-art facility in which students enjoy hands-on instruction.

Training at ATC offers an overview of the automotive industry, managerial strategies, relevant product knowledge, and procedural protocols. The Fixed Operations Specialist program also covers:

  • Powers and responsibilities of automotive managers
  • Overview of body shop operations
  • Service facility operations
  • The role of the service consultant
  • Supervision of employees
  • Client relations
  • Auto parts pricing and service charges
  • Parts management procedures
  • Computerized parts management
  • Automotive systems knowledge
  • Vehicle construction knowledge
  • ADP parts and service
  • Estimating basics
  • Paint estimation
  • Mitchell flat rate estimation
  • Automated and Audatex estimation
  • Material damage procedures
  • Advanced damage procedures and analysis

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Job Description and Projected Demand for Fixed Operations Specialists in Toronto

Demand for trained fixed operation specialists in the automotive industry is expected to increase steadily over the next few years as a result of Ontario’s rising vehicle sales and rapidly retiring workforce. In Canada, transport managers earn on average $65,741 annually. They are employed by:

  • Auto body shops
  • Garages
  • Car dealerships
  • Truck dealerships
  • Parts stores
  • Auto makers

In their capacity as supervisors of several important departments, fixed operations specialists enjoy a varied and challenging range of responsibilities. Some of these include:

  • Client interaction
  • Employee supervision
  • Inventory coordination
  • Sales tracking
  • Insurance of regulatory and safety standards compliance
  • Coordination with other management levels

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