Dealership Service Operations

Your future in automotive careers begins with researching the wide range of opportunities that are available. Explore the fields and specialties to find your best fit.

Auto dealerships are a nexus for all sorts of automotive careers. Not only are they in the business of selling vehicles, but the nature of car and truck sales mean that they need to be ready to provide guidance about financing, as well as often having an in-house garage. Because of the relationship the auto dealership has with the car brand they sell, they are uniquely positioned to deal with all sorts of things from day-to-day repairs and maintenance to mass recalls. This means that they employ their own expert mechanics, with essential skills to keep the cars and truck they sell in top shape, even when they have passed onto the customer.

The backbone of excellent Dealership Service Operations is good customer service. This means staff must be friendly, courteous and able to help visitors with their various needs. Car and truck sales involve a long term investment for customers, and when a car or truck owner is happy with their purchase, they will usually develop a lifelong loyalty to the brand and dealership.

Whether you’re interested in a managerial or hands on side to automotive careers, other positions you might work as part of Dealership Service Operations include:

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