Automotive Technology

Your future in automotive careers begins with researching the wide range of opportunities that are available. Explore the fields and specialties to find your best fit.

Automotive careers provide a perfect choice for a person looking to become a mechanic. Otherwise known as an Auto Service Technician, this specialized career path prepares you to maintain the engine and other parts of a motor vehicle such as the wheel, brake lines and exhaust system. They are often assisted by specialists in auto glass, auto detailing or other specialized aspects of automotive repair and maintenance and upkeep.

Qualifying is part of a lengthy, government regulated certification process that includes both training with a school and hands on apprenticeship in a professional garage. Skilled mechanics are in high demand for the ability to service the inside and outside of cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.  Mechanics know how to perform routine and emergency maintenance and checkups, and are ready to do everything from engine disassembly to oil changes.

Once certified, Automotive Service Technicians enjoy a strong job market for their in demand skills. They may work as part of a franchise or privately owned garage, or as part of an auto dealership. Some mechanics even take their skills and go into business for themselves or are found in glamorous locations like the pit of a race track, or helping vehicle manufacturers design and test the next generation of car or truck.

Possible automotive technology job titles include:

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