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Your future in automotive careers begins with researching the wide range of opportunities that are available. Explore the fields and specialties to find your best fit.

No dealership is complete without a talented administrative and sales staff. As well as having superior knowledge of their product, vehicle sales professionals must also be experts at everything from financing and customer service. Managers must help everyone at the dealership pull together as a team while keeping a keen eye on the bottom dollar. Both need to understand the laws and regulations surrounding the sale, leasing or transfer of a vehicle and are essential to the success of the business.

Regardless of the state of the economy, the car ownership rate has gone up steadily, as customers find vehicle ownership is a necessity in their daily life. Thus, there are always reliable automotive careers in Sales and Leasing, just like the other key roles at a dealership.

However, as more and more people enter the market as car owners, and families may own several vehicles, dealerships must compete to distinguish themselves. Modern techniques in car and truck Sales and Leasing are defined by informative, helpful sales methods that educate the buyer on the best fit for them. Satisfied car buyers have a strong chance of developing a lifetime brand loyalty, and for this reason

Automotive careers and job titles in this field include: