Automotive Detailing

Your future in automotive careers begins with researching the wide range of opportunities that are available. Explore the fields and specialties to find your best fit.

Automotive detailing is a key part of the aesthetic of a vehicle. Whether the shiny finish, the upholstery and carpets or other decorative features, attention to auto detailing can also improve the sale value of a car or truck, or potentially help customers develop a unique look. It’s also an essential skillset to have in the event that a vehicle has experienced an accident. Although the auto body takes a separate skill set to repair, getting everything looking good as new can take a good hand with an airbrush.

One possible place to take your auto detailing skills in a job in “dealer preparation”. Much like the people who help sell a house by setting it up to its best advantage before it is shown to potential buyers.  This may also include earning certification to prepare cars for delivery to places like a show room, giving you a chance to work with new as well as used vehicles. Alternatively, this is also one of the automotive careers that allows you to work independently. If you choose this path, you’ll be working for yourself, helping car dealerships get their stock up in shape before it goes out in the lot or even decorating cars to the customized tastes of their owners.

Possible automotive career paths and job titles include:

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