careers for the automotive and transportation industries


Mechanics and Automative Career Training Centre

Your future in automotive careers begins with researching the wide range of opportunities that are available. Explore the fields and specialties to find your best fit.

Thanks to a number of economic factors, automotive careers are in increasing demand. From working at a switch board directing a fleet of trucks, to in the garage with wrench or welding torch in hand, all the way to the sales lot or the show room, it’s easy to find a job for every single sort of person, from every sort of educational background. While some automotive careers require specialized certification, others require shorter term educational commitments.  To decided which career path is right for you, it’s a good idea to consider your options and thing about the diverse responsibilities of each profession.

Categories of automotive career departments can be broadly broken down into:

  • Collision Repair Trades
  • Transportation Operations and Logistics
  • Dealership Service Operations
  • Diesel Specializations
  •  Auto Detailing
  • Automotive Sales and Management
  • Automotive Technology